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Rising WEC Featherweight superstar Josh “The Fluke” Grispi took time off his busy schedule to answer on questions asked by fans at Josh Grispi is currently in the leading position to earn a shot at the WEC Featherweight Title, after Manny Gamburyan and Jose Aldo square off at WEC 51 in the late September.

Twenty-one year old Josh Grispi is currently 14-1 in his Mixed Martial Arts career, competing since the year 2006. Grispi is currently on a 10-fight winning streak, with victories over the WEC top guns Matt Hominick (Rear Naked Choke), Jens Pulver (Guillotine) and LC Davis (Guillotine). Six of his victories come by the way of Knockout, seven by submission and only a one decision. Fourteen of his 15 career bouts were finished in the first round.

We would like to thank all the fans who participated in the interview. The questions were choosed by yours truly from this topic (to prevent duplications from our previous interview with Josh, and touch various subjects).


CageRage64: How did you get your nickname “The Fluke” and do you like the nickname, considering that your career has been far from a fluke?
JG: I love the name. Ever since my first fight when Where I ended it in 17 seconds and ever since then I have ended most of my fights in under a minute in the first round and people online always said it was a fluke or it was lucky so my coach as a joke put my nickname as the fluke and it has just stuck with me ever since and it is basically sarcasm. I think it’s great and I’m not looking to change it even thought I keep winning.

Jizzle11: Who is your dream fight against?
JG: I really don’t have a dream fight. I just want to fight the best out there and do my best. I want to fight guys that test me and push me to be my best. Who they are does not matter to me. I never tell the WEC who I want to fight as it really does not matter to me. But since you’re asking I guess I would like to fight Fedor, lol.. Is that not the thing to say these days?

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Hopper: Do you think that Jose Aldo has any weaknesses as a fighter, if yes – what are they?
JG: I think Aldo is a great fighter and clearly he has done his thing with some of the best in the game. I do see some weakness but I am going to keep those to myself for now. I feel he is more of a 135lbs so in time I think his weight and height mite be if you want to call them a weakness as his only down side.

UndefeatedOfWest: How do you feel about Women’s MMA?
JG: Hey if girls want to fight let them. Who am I to say otherwise? I don’t really watch the guys fight let alone the women so I can’t really comment much.

a222g: Josh do fighter have to pay royalties to musical artist for using their songs in their cage entrances, Is their a list of artist that your aloud to choose from, how does that work?
JG: The WEC makes the final decision on entrance music. The fighters get to pick but if the WEC does not want it, it does not happen. They are pretty cool about the music as I never heard of any issues from other fighters. The WEC is a great company and really allow the fighters to do what they want with the music and how they enter the cage. As for royalties I have no idea. I guess the WEC handles that.

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willhammy: Who is your role model in this sport?
JG: I really can’t say I have a role model. I never have try to be like anyone else I have seen in the past. I just want to be the best I can and not follow a pattern of past fighters. There has been many great fighters in the past so to say just one would not be fair

Rigo: Since your just 21 years old, how was that you got Pro in MMA at 18? And how long had you been training before your first professional?
JG: My main background is MMA I started training in MMA when I was 13 years old my dad found the gym in Whitman right beside the place my brother use to do paint balling and I have been doing it ever since.

FedorsNuts: Considered gaining some weight and making a push for the higher divisions? At what weight do you see yourself in 4-5 years? Is FW steady progress or something more permanent?
JG: Well I cut from 170 down to 145 and it is really not hard for me. I am used to it but I guess in time as I get older that might become harder to do. For now I am a 145lbs but in 5 years who knows. I may just move up to 205lbs, lol

StickinUrChick: How do you feel about fighters today that prefer to play it safe, fighters who seem to fight “not to lose” rather than fighting to win. Do u attribute it to “intelligence” or a “lack of tools” to get the job done?
JG: I cant speak really for how other fighters get the job down. For me as I am sure you have all seen I am looking to end each fight as soon as I can. That is just how I am. I can’t wait and just want to get the job down right away after that bell sounds. I have a ton of respect for all my opponents but the moment the cage door shuts I see red and just look to end it right away. Some may say that is foolish but I am fully aware of everything that is going on during the fight so I don’t feel my killer sense is like some guys that just run out there with their head down swinging for the fence. My style just fits me and the results speak for themselves I guess.

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Daniel_Cassidy: What means more to you, avenging your only loss, or getting a title shot?
JG: I had my coaches contact the guy I first lost to a few weeks after for a rematch and he declined. Im ok with it and to be honest I am glad I lost.  After that loss I made up my mind that I would never lose again. I started to really train hard and I think it woke me up. I hate to lose and from that point forward i made sure to train as hard as I could before each fight.  As for a title shot I’m cool with getting it whenever the WEC is ready to give it to me. I am young so I am in no rush. I know that when it happens I will be ready, if it is tomorrow or next year.

I would like to thank all the fans on LowKick as well as their great staff for this very cool opportunity. I would also like to thank God, my family and all my training partners and coaches at South Shore Sportfighting as well as all my sponsors. You can keep up with me on my website  

Thanx again
“The Fluke”