Jorge Masvidal calls for ‘easy’ UFC comeback fight against Justin Gaethje: ‘He just got flatlined’

Jorge Masvidal calls for 'easy' UFC comeback fight against Justin Gaethje: 'He just got flatlined'

After the events of UFC 300, Jorge Masvidal remains adamant that Justin Gaethje would be an “easy fight” for him.

Putting his BMF title on the line for the very first time, Gaethje went to war with former featherweight champion Max Holloway. Suffering a broken nose in the early going, ‘The Highlight’ struggled to find his target for much of the 24:59 affair. With time winding down, Holloway called for the two men to stand in the center and throw hands until the final horn.

Gaethje vs. Holloway

Gaethje obliged and suffered the consequences, eating a booming overhand right that sent him crashing to the canvas with one second left on the clock.

Max Holloway KOs Justin Gaethje

Appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, the promotion’s first-ever BMF champion once again suggested that Gaethje would make for the perfect opponent should ‘Gamebred’ decide to give it one more go inside the Octagon.

“I don’t want to talk too much sh*t since he just got f*cking flatlined, but I’m hoping our paths cross in the UFC, you know, cause this would be, like, a very good comeback fight for me, easy fight for me,” Masvidal said. He’s literally just walking forward, eating shots, no head movement. No nothing.

“It’s nothing personal, but I would definitely love to bust f*cking Gaethje’s face up. I’ll let him heal up from this because he might never come back the same because that was a war that he went through and on top of that, he got f*cking executed. Gaethje can say whatever he wants. I don’t really give f*ck about it, but if our paths ever cross, I’ll light that motherf*cker up.”

Jorge Masvidal questions how much life justin gaethje has left

After suffering such a brutal knockout, Masvidal can’t help, but question how much the 35-year-old Gaethje has left to give inside the Octagon.

“Gaethje always finds a way to come back, put on great shows, and keep fucking winning. But this one was bad,” Masvidal said of Gaethje. “He was out for a good amount of time, like two minutes, and when they sat him up he was still visibly hurt. I hope he makes a full recovery and comes back to the sport stronger than ever, but you just don’t know when you take a knockout like that…

“It wasn’t just that, it was a lot of abuse to the body. I thought Gaethje got the short end of the stick and got more of the abuse, and his nose too…this fight might’ve taken a lot of years out of Gaethje.”

Justin Gaethje KO'd at UFC 300

Fortunately, Gaethje appeared to be in good spirits a few short hours after the devastating setback.

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Justin Gaethje statement after Holloway KO

What’s next for ‘The Highlight’ remains to be seen, but as for Holloway, a featherweight title clash with reigning champion Ilia Topuria appears to be the next logical step.