Joe Rogan Says Whoever Edited Cris Cyborg’s Video ‘Is So F*cking Stupid’

Joe Rogan, Cris Cyborg
Image Credit: USA Today Images
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Cris Cyborg and Dana White’s feud has been going on for a long time, and Joe Rogan wasn’t a fan of the video she released of her conversation with the UFC boss.

Of course, the Brazilian’s production team fabricated what White said in the video to say he is always lying and she shouldn’t believe what he says. Yet, that was not the case and she issued an apology after deleting the video

Now, speaking on his podcast, Rogan made it very clear, her team made a huge mistake.

“They f*cked up. Cyborg’s team,” Rogan said during a conversation with Brendan Schaub on the Joe Rogan Experience (h/t MMA Fighting). “Whoever did it, whether it’s her boyfriend or whoever it was that edited that video, that lied and put words in his mouth, is so f*cking stupid.

“You don’t think that they’re going to do something about that? You’re out of your goddamn mind. When they edited that video to say that “whenever I’m talking in public I’m not telling the truth,” which is not what he said at all, and then to have it edited and cut right there…”

This is not the first time Rogan and Cyborg have not seen eye-to-eye. Before she made her UFC debut, the UFC commentator made some inappropriate jokes about her that she now has stated she wants him to apologize for. Yet, he says that is dealt with as he apologized to her a long time ago already.

“But also they did was they’re bringing back shit that happened five years ago,” Rogan said. “Cyborg was saying she wanted an apology from me. And I don’t think it was that she wanted an apology from me, I think it was her boyfriend or someone on the team. I apologized to her, me and her, no one around, face to face, and I took a photo with her afterwards. There’s a photo of me and her on my Instagram.

“She started fighting in the UFC. She hadn’t fought in the UFC before and I said, ‘Hey, I’m sorry about the jokes. I promise no more jokes,’ and I said, ‘I’m actually a fan of yours and I want you to succeed in the UFC and I wish you the best of luck.’ I go, ‘ No hard feelings?’

“She goes, ‘No, those jokes kind of hurt my feelings.’

“I said, ‘I’m sorry. No more jokes.’ I gave her a hug. We took a picture together.”

What did you think of Cris Cyborg’s video and the beef between her and Rogan?

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