Israel Adesanya roasts clout-chasing bodybuilder Bradley Martyn: ‘Some people aren’t even man enough…’

Israel Adesanya roasts Clout-Chasing bodybuilder Bradley Martyn: 'Some people aren't even man enough...'

Israel Adesanya established himself as one of the UFC’s greatest champions by repeatedly proving himself inside the Octagon. Bradley Martyn, on the other hand, garnered attention from the MMA community after making outlandish claims that he could handle himself in hypothetical fights with fighters who would absolutely destroy him in a legitimate fight.

Israel Adesanya roasts Bradley Martyn

Martyn, a well-known bodybuilder, and YouTube star, began to draw the ire of fighters and fans alike last year when he began challenging mixed martial artists like Nate Diaz, Sean O’Malley, and Alex Pereira to a streetfight. While most of them laughed off his gross overconfidence, there was one fighter who was happy to make Martyn put his money where his mouth is.

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Former UFC and current ONE flyweight world champion Demetrious Johnson agreed to fly out to Martyn’s home where the two could tussle in the comfort of his home in L.A.

“I look at Bradley Martyn as a gentleman who is looking for clout, and he’s saying [that he can beat me in a street fight],” Johnson said while speaking with Adesanya on a recent episode of his podcast. “And for me, I’ve been about that life. I just proved that I am about that life. For free.”

Demetrious Johnson

Israel Adesanya puts Bradley Martyn in his place

Though Israel Adesanya has never personally met Martyn, ‘The Last Stylebender’ revealed that the influencer was eager to get him inside the ring while the two were attending a post-fight party at Jake Paul’s house.

“When Jake Paul fought Nate Robinson, I met Jake at the hotel,” Adesanya said. “He invites me to his house. I get there and at one point, there’s a ring in the backyard. And I got word that ‘Oh, this guy’s trying to get Izzy in the ring.’ I was like, ‘Nah, I ain’t doing any of that. I’m here to have fun,’ and it was [Bradley Martyn]. I don’t know the guy, but anytime I see him with a fighter, he tries to like, ‘Oh, how would I…’

“Stop that. For me, personally, some people aren’t even man enough to wash the jocks we fight in. They’re not man enough or worthy enough to step in a ring or a cage with us.”

After seeing the 5’3″, 150-pound Demetrious Johnson defeat a 6’3″, 250-pound man at the IBJJF Pan Championships last month, Martyn may have had second thoughts about stepping on the mat with ‘Mighty Mouse.’

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Demetrious Johnson