Bradley Martyn predicts hypothetical street fight with ex-UFC champion Alex Pereira: ‘Honestly, it depends’

bradley martyn

Influencer Bradley Martyn continues to poke the MMA community by claiming he could hold his own against Alex Pereira.

Ever since the infamous clip of him claiming that could ‘crush’ Demetrious Johnson in a grappling match, Martyn has quickly become a topic of conversation tin the MMA community. While the bodybuilder clearly has a bit of an ego, Martyn has also taken the heat in stride and has used it to rile  up fight fans.

In his latest attempt, Martyn responded to a tongue-in-cheek question on whether he could beat Alex Pereira in a street fight.

“Yeah, I don’t know man. Honestly, it depends,” Martyn said to Nina Drama. “It depends on like, the weather and other things. The wind. Yeah, for sure.” (H/T Middle Easy)

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Demetrious Johnson accepts Bradley Martyn grappling match

Johnson would respond to Martyn’s claims on a couple of occasions and seemed up for the challenge. In his most recent reaction, the former UFC champion confirmed that he had made contact with a mutual party, Brendan Schaub, and wanted to make it happen when he had the time.

“It’s funny, you know. He’s 265, he’s a bodybuilder, so obviously he’s got the weight advantage. But, at the end of the day, that’s the beautiful thing about grappling, it’s not about weight, it’s about technique and we’re going to try to grapple,” said Johnson via his YouTube .

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“I told Brendan Schaub that I want to make it happen. I’m busy doing other things right now, but when I get back from all my vacation I’m going to fly down to Calabasas and we’re going to roll, man. I’m going to roll him up.” (H/T Bloody Elbow)

Demetrious Johnson responds to Bradley Martyn’s recent claims

What do you think of Bradley Martyn’s chances against Demetrious Johnson in a grappling match?