Israel Adesanya is disputing Conor McGregor’s claim as the record holder for the most knockdowns in a UFC title fight.

Conor McGregor took to Instagram to reflect upon the four-year anniversary of his win over Eddie Alvarez, which made him the UFC’s first dual title holder. In a post which showcased a number of photos from the fight, McGregor captioned, “Most Knockdowns in a UFC World Title Fight! Clinical shooting.” Adesanya was quick to remind him that McGregor has, in fact, the second most knockdowns in a UFC title fight (H/T

“2nd most knockdowns,” Adesanya posted in the comment section.

Indeed, according to the UFC record books, Adesanya does hold the record, having notched 4 knockdowns in his middleweight title victory over Kelvin Gastelum.

McGregor’s claim to the record comes from his belief that he scored 5 knockdowns against Eddie Alvarez. Officially, the UFC only credited him with 3 knockdowns in the fight. His argument started back when Adesanya was first credited with the record.

Regardless of who you believe actually deserves the record, it’s nice to see two of the UFC’s biggest stars debate in (what appears to be) harmless fun.

Setting a new record gives both men something to strive for in their upcoming bouts. McGregor has officially signed on to face Dustin Poirier in a rematch on January 23, after weeks of speculation. Adesanya has a murkier path ahead of him. It was initially believed he would face Robert Whitaker in a rematch after Whitaker took home a unanimous decision over Jared Cannonier. It was later reported that he would have a chance of his own to become a double champion as he was scheduled to meet Jan Blachowicz for the light heavyweight title. However, following Glover Teixeira’s submission victory over Thiago Santos, UFC president Dana White said he was tempted to give Teixeira the title shot against Blachowicz.

Whatever the outcomes of their next fights are, Adesanya and McGregor are sure to continue to be two of the UFC’s biggest stars; and are sure to continue chirping at each other.

Who do you think should be credited with the record? Israel Adesanya or Conor McGregor?