Ian Garry’s 40-Year-Old ‘WAG’ Wife Layla Anna-Lee defends controversial book on how to attract young athletes


Layla Anna-Lee, the 40-year-old wife of UFC standout Ian Machado Garry, is defending herself against immense criticism after fans learned that she had written a book more than a decade ago teaching older women how to attract young athletes.

The book, entitled How to Be a WAG, is described by many as a gold digger’s guide to locking down young and successful athletes. Garry and his wife have written off criticism of the book multiple times, claiming that it was purely satirical. Some fans and fighters have a hard time buying that considering the 14-year age gap between ‘The Future’ and Anna-Lee.

Layla Anna-Lee Defends her book and her family

Attempting to quell some of the recent backlash, Layla Anna-Lee took to social media and echoed those same sentiments while snapping back at the hate being thrown her way.

“Looking at the hate and the majority of the clips and the comments that I’m getting… the biggest thing I’ve done wrong is age,” Anna-Lee said in her Instagram stories. “I’ve got older and I have birthdays every year, and that’s f*cking disgusting coming from a woman. Getting older is not acceptable.”

“I wrote a book on ‘How to be a WAG?’ That statement in itself is a bit of a stretch. I can hardly call myself an author of an eleven-page audio satire content written in 2010. Now the context is key because it was during the FIFA World Cup… If you want to call me an author of that, sweet! It was more of a lighthearted podcast but I was way ahead of my time. That satirical look is really silly” (h/t CalfKicker.com).

The controversy surrounding Ian Garry’s marriage was amplified when reigning UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland commented on the situation, calling Garry’s wife a “succubus” and pleading with the Irishman to “pull the ripcord” and get out from under the unconventional situation.

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Even Strickland’s friend and teammate, Chris Curtis, was caught in the crosshairs when he attempted to intervene as the voice of reason. ‘Action Men’ ended up deactivating his X account shortly after.