Chris Curtis Shuts down X account Following Sean Strickland’s Attack on Ian Garry and his ‘WAG’ wife

Sean Strickland

Chris Curtis deactivated his X account amid the ongoing rivalry between his friend and teammate Sean Strickland and rising Irish standout Ian Garry.

‘The Action Man’ decided to intervene after Strickland went at Garry in multiple posts and videos, disparaging the Irishman’s unconventional marriage.

“Y’all need to chill with the Ian Garry thing,” wrote Curtis in a since-deleted tweet. “Man has a life that is unconventional to you all but it’s his life and it works for him. People are giving his wife shit for a book she wrote 12 years ago. Ian is a grown man and you are a fool if you don’t think they haven’t.”

It all started when Sean Strickland learned that Garry’s wife, 40-year-old author Layla Anna-Lee, wrote a book more than a decade ago entitled How to Be a WAG which offered advice for older women looking to bag themselves a young successful athletes.

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Strickland called Garry’s wife a “succubus” and offered to help him get out from under her. That prompted Garry to fire back via DM, threatening legal action against the current middleweight world champion. Of course, that only encouraged Strickland to post yet another video whilst sharing a screenshot of Garry’s message.

Sean Strickland Drives ‘The Action Man’ off social media

Chris Curtis offered his take on the situation in an attempt to be somewhat of a peacekeeper. That plan backfired when Strickland took aim at his own friend.

“Ians wife got to Curtis!!!!! Some give curt a wellness check,” Strickland wrote. He following that up with another post saying,”If Curt isn’t careful he might slip and fall on Ian’s d*ck.”

Since then, Curtis has shut down his X account.

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Clearly, even friends and teammates are not immune to the wrath of Sean Strickland.