Ian Garry promises to take Colby Covington’s voice away with brutal beatdown inside the octagon

Ian Garry and Colby Covington

Rising welterweight contender Ian Garry has vowed to get revenge against the division’s outspoken gatekeeper, Colby Covington.

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Garry offered up a hit list of fighters with whom he plans to settle scores with in the new year. Unsurprisingly, Covington was one of the three names that ‘The Future’ dropped. Going into last month’s UFC 296 pay-per-view, ‘Chaos’ targeted Garry and his wife, 40-year-old TV personality Layla Anna-Lee in a series of scathing comments.

Covington regularly referred to Garry as a “cuck” and suggested that he had attempted to “make a hoe a housewife.”

Needless to say, Garry didn’t take kindly to Covington’s comments about his wife and has threatened to permanently take away the three-time title challenger’s voice with a brutal beatdown inside the Octagon.

“He’s talked about me,” Garry said of Covington. “He’s mentioned my wife. He obviously lost the fight against [Edwards]. Colby is someone who wants those big fights, someone who’s gonna chat sh*t, someone who’s gonna entertain the fans, someone who’s gonna bring a lot of hype to the event.

“I am going to box the ears off Colby Covington for the things he’s said, and there isn’t gonna be anybody in that world or in this Octagon who’s going to be able to save, save him. I promise you now, I’ll finish him, and I’ll do it in three rounds. I don’t need five rounds to finish it. I’ll do it in two, I’ll do it in one.

Colby Covington is going to be slapped, and I hope I hit him so hard that he’s never able to speak again. And I feel like a lot of people on this planet would be very happy that he never gets to speak on a mic again. So that’s what I’d like with Colby” (h/t MMA Fighting).

Ian Garry Hasn’t Forgotten About Sean Strickand

Of course, Covington wasn’t the only fighter to draw the ire of Ian Garry over the last few months.

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Reigning middleweight world champion Sean Strickland released a series of videos lambasting Garry’s unconventional relationship as well. ‘Tarzan’ dubbed Garry’s wife a “succubus” and “predator” after learning that she had once written a guidebook for older women who want to date young athletes and celebrities entitled How to Be a Wag.

“I’d love Sean Strickland, because any man, or any person who ever talks or mentions me, my wife and my family in that way, I’m gonna get my hands on them,” Garry said. “And in an ideal world, toward the end of the year, I don’t think Sean’s going to be world champion any more, and I believe there’s absolutely an opportunity for me to step up to middleweight and give him a hiding, and maybe I’ll beat him so bad that he’ll forget all that trauma from his childhood and he can thank me.”

A fight between Ian Garry and Colby Covington is certainly within the realm of possibility considering both fighters currently occupy spots in the welterweight division’s top-10. In February, Garry is scheduled for a scrap with Geoff Neal at UFC 298.

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Should ‘The Future’ come out on top and earn his 14th straight victory, a clash with ‘Chaos’ would be undoubtedly in reach.