Ian Garry promises stoppage win over UFC rival Colby Covington: ‘I’m going to box the ears off him’

Ian Garry vows to land finish over Colby Covington in UFC fight I'm gonna box the ears off him

Ian Garry claims that he would finish Colby Covington in one round having some unsavoury things to say about Garry and his wife.

Garry has had a round few months and has seen his public image taken a considerable hit. The Irishman has always had critics during his time with the UFC, some felt he tried to copy compatriot Conor McGregor too much, but he has now become a meme within the MMA community. 

While things involving him and his family is really not anyone’s business, in hindsight he and his team, with his wife being his manger, have made several mistakes. Ian Garry makes a clear effort to create content for his social media, but this may have backfired on him after fans have not taken to his personality. This, along with several media appearances has quickly made him one of the most currently hated fighters and a target to other UFC athletes.

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Ian Garry calls out Colby Covington

Appearing on The MMA Hour Garry would call out and criticize Covington, who has been one of the many fighters to make fun of Garry recently

“I am going to box the ears off Colby Covington for some of the things he has said and there isn’t going to be anyone in the world or in that Octagon who is going to be able to save him,” Garry said. “I promise you’ll know I’ll finish him and I’ll do it in three rounds. I don’t need five rounds to finish him, I’ll do it in two. I’ll do it in one. Colby Covington is going to be slept and I hope I hit him so hard that he is never able to talk again.”

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Garry is currently scheduled to face Geoff Neal at UFC 298 in February and if his victorious, will be in line for a big fight. 

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