Ian Garry reveals he has agreed to fight Colby Covington: ‘There is a date in place’

Ian Garry reveals he has agreed to Colby Covington fight, is waiting for 'Chaos' to sign the contract

Ian Garry has signed on the dotted line. Now it’s Colby Covington’s turn.

On Monday, ‘The Future’ revealed via a post on Instagram that he has accepted an offer to fight his welterweight rival. Garry added that there is already a date in place, he’s just waiting for ‘Chaos’ to sign off and make things official.

“What’s up, everyone? It’s Tuesday, the 9th of April at ten past one and I just want to let everyone know that I have agreed to fight Colby Covington,” Garry said. “There is a date in place. Colby still hasn’t signed the contract.”

As of this writing, Covington has not responded to Garry’s claim. Presumably, ‘Chaos’ is still trying to catch his breath after sucking up to Donald Trump last week.

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Colby Covington posing with Donald Trump inbetween taking digs at Ian Garry and his wife

Ian Garry plans on retiring Colby Covington in potential clash

Garry and Covington have been going after one another on social media since late last year when the three-time UFC title challenger jumped on the bandwagon and began belittling the Irishman’s wife, Layla Machado Garry. Since then, ‘The Future’ has made his intentions with Covington crystal clear.

“I’ll step into that Octagon, and I’ll retire him,” Garry said in an interview with MMA Fighting. “That’s my goal. My whole goal when I fight Colby Covington is that he never puts on MMA gloves ever again.”

Ian Garry with his family

Covington previously released a pair of videos, laying out three stipulations that Garry would have to meet before he would agree to fight the rising contender — the most egregious being that Garry’s wife would have to “get down on her knees” and beg him for the fight.

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Aside from the personal animosity between Covington and Garry, the two 170-pounders are sitting at No. 4 and No. 7 in the rankings, respectively, making their potential class a logical one from both a divisional and a money-making standpoint.

Ian Garry
Colby Covington