Colby Covington shreds Ian Garry and his ‘sloppy seconds’ wife in vicious video response: ‘She’s a 4 at best’

Colby Covington shreds Ian Garry and his 'sloppy seconds' wife in vicious video response: 'She's a four at best'

The cringe war between welterweight standouts Colby Covington and Ian Garry continues.

The last time we checked in, ‘The Future’ had responded to Covington’s lengthy callout which featured a slew of stipulations including one requirement that Garry’s 40-year-old wife, Layla Anna-Lee, “get on her knees” and beg for a fight. Garry has since responded and somehow, managed to out-cringe Covington’s initial offering. Taking a page out of the WWF’s famed Attitude Era, Garry called for the two to compete in an ‘I Quit’ match with the loser being the man who first utters the words — you guessed it — I quit.

Ian Garry’s rebuttal was met with immediate backlash from fight fans, but it did its job in eliciting a response from Colby Covington who snapped back via a video posted on his social media channels.

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Colby Covington Snaps back at Ian Garry’s ‘I Quit’ Challenge

“Greetings nerds and virgins, it’s America’s champ and as you can see, there’s nothing behind me,” Covington said. “Just like Ian Garry’s resume. We all saw your cringey a** video, Ian, and your “do what you’re told” line when you’re the A-side or Conor McGregor. Not Corner McGregor, you f*cking cuck. Ian, you said a lot of dumb sh*t, but there is one thing that I’ll agree with you on — Layla’s not a trophy. She’s a participation award at best which is fitting for your and your generation.

“You don’t dictate the terms here, cuck boy. You’re a Gen Z beta and the only time you do any dictating is when you’re on your knees for the nutritionist. You’re asking for gimmicks you don’t even comprehend, junior. An ‘I Quit’ match implies there’s no disqualification and no time limit. No commission would ever approve that. And besides, we already saw you quit in December before the press conference. You want to talk about what I’m famous for and my title fights? The only thing you’re famous for is parading around a nutritionist’s sloppy seconds like she’s Miss Universe. She’s a 4 at best”

Ian Garry's wife Layla Anna-Lee

“We all know you love to cuck it up, but you’re about to cuck your way out of this fight, junior,” Covington continued. “So here it is one last time. Agree to the stipulations. 1) Turn on the comments. 2) Record Layla begging. 3) Agree to the MyBookie promo and we got a fight. Otherwise, I’m fighting someone higher ranked this summer and you’re doing what you do best — sitting there and watching all the action.”

Whether or not we ever actually see Colby Covington and Ian Garry step inside the Octagon remains to be seen. From a rankings perspective, their meeting would undoubtedly make sense as ‘The Future’ finds himself sitting at No. 7 while ‘Chaos’ is clinging to his spot at No. 4.

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Until then, we’ll wait and see what other gimmick matches Ian Garry can dust the cobwebs off of. Perhaps a good old-fashioned Boiler Room Braw. A Dumpster Match might be appropriate, or we could always give the infamous Kennel From Hell Match another shot.

How about a Layla on a Pole Match? The possibilities are endless.

Ian Garry and his wife
Ian Garry and his wife