After a quick and dominant victory over Neil Magny at UFC 283, Gilbert Burns was excited to talk about the future. He also gave insight into a wacky interaction he had recently with Colby Covington.

The fight between Gilbert Burns and Neil Magny was set to be a war, but things ended rather quickly. Round one began, and after a brief moment of stand-up, Burns secured a takedown. After some slick transitions, ‘Durinho’ reached full mount and locked in an arm triangle. He hopped to side control to fully secure it, and the fight was over.

Neil Magny was forced to submit in round one with less than a full minute left, and Gilbert Burns had solidified a completely dominant and very impressive victory.

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Gilbert Burns recaps his UFC 283 victory, tells an odd but funny story about meeting Colby Covington

After the victory, Burns was celebrating his win and stopped by the UFC’s post-fight press conference to speak with the media. They recapped the victory, and ‘Durinho’ was very humble while reliving the excitement.

He mentioned how he was ready for war but felt a statement needed to be made that night at UFC 283. He did have choice words for Belal Muhammad, though, as he said Muhammad was “Ducking him”.

The topic soon turned to Colby Covington, who Burns mentioned he’d wanted a fight with for years now. He said he’d love to do a season of The Ultimate Fighter against ‘Chaos’, but was open to any challenge against him. Soon, Burns got on the subject of a recent meeting with Colby Covington he had.

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“To be honest, I saw Colby three and a half months ago,” Gilbert Burns began. “I played the Guitar. They have a Brazilian concert… and I think he just left the poker room,” Burns recalled. “And I was passing by, and I looked in there and said, there’s Colby over there, and I looked at him. And I shook my head, and he said, ‘Come here.’ And I said, ‘Oh, shit, it’s on.’”

He continued, “And I walked to him and told my wife to wait, and I was ready and said, ‘What’s up?’ And he said, ‘I’m a huge fan, brother.’ And he was super cool. I’m pretty honest right now. I don’t have to lie. He was super cool. ‘Oh, I’m a huge fan. I’m a character. I just wanna make money, I appreciate you. I know you have a beautiful family’ and he was super cool. And it was getting a little weird because it was continuous for over two minutes. ‘Bro, I like what you did in your last fight’ and I was just like, ‘Man, look at this guy.” (H/T MiddleEasy)

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What are your thoughts on Gilbert Burns bizarre interaction with Colby Covington?

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