Five Reasons Conor McGregor Will Be UFC Champion

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UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor will go up against replacement opponent Chad Mendes at UFC 189, as the two duke it out for the junior title in the absence of champion Jose Aldo. So much is on the line for the two stars of UFC 189, as a unification bout with the Brazilian ‘Scarface’ awaits the winner. After years of seeing numerous MMA (mixed martial arts) champions come and go, there seems to be a pattern emerging, and a clear message; it takes more than just fight skills to become a UFC champion.

You need to have a plethora of qualities to even be considered for a title fight, at least legitimately, and to hold the belt is to have reached the pinnacle of years of hard work, sacrifice and planning. Champions like Georges St-Pierre reigned with dominance, but was low in the trash talking department. Ronda Rousey is extremely outspoken, a pioneer in her own right, and about as committed a fighter as you’ll ever see. Jon Jones had the talent and physical abilities/advantages to ruin all contenders to his throne, but he learned the hard way that championship status reaches much farther than the gym, the octagon, or even the trophy cabinet.

Back to the point, I see five glaring qualities in UFC 189 title challenger Conor McGregor that will see the Irishman, eventually at least, crowned the first UFC champion from his native land.

5 Reasons Conor McGregor Will Be UFC Champion…….