Donald Trump believes Joe Biden wouldn’t make for a tough opponent in the Octagon. In other words, the Leader of the Free World is jokingly eyeing up his rival for the White House in a fight, now that’s one pay-per-view I would buy in an instant.

Trump and Biden aren’t the best of friends and Trump isn’t the most conventional of Presidents, for instance. But nevertheless, swapping verbal blows for hypothetical physical blows is a fascinating statement to say at a rally for even Trump. (H/T

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“With Sleepy Joe, I don’t think Sleepy Joe would be a good fighter, do you? I asked Dana (White) before. One gentle little touch to the face and he’s down. He’s down and he wouldn’t get up very quickly either, would he?” Donald Trump said.

“Joe Biden’s out there saying, ‘I’d like to take him to the back of the barn.’ Ok. Now if I ever said that to him, they’d say, ‘He practices violence. The president practices violence.’ Remember he said, ‘I would take him to the back.’ It’s like, if you have to fight someone, that’s your dream fight.”

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However, these references to fighting aren’t exactly coming out of nowhere. Trump has been linked with combat sports for decades, from his Trump Plaza boxing fights to his close relationship with UFC President Dana White, for instance. Similarly, the President has recently hosted fighters at his rallies and even whipped up a rapport with Jorge Masvidal and a great friendship with Colby Covington.

Trump and Biden might never get to battle it out with their fists, but they do get to go at it politically in next week’s election.

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Who do you have your money in a hypothetical fight? Donald Trump or Joe Biden?