Dillon Danis Banks over a million dollars from Logan Paul fight

Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis reportedly cleared more than a million dollars for his co-main event clash with Logan Paul in Manchester.

That’s according to the man himself who revealed the number during a recent appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored. During the episode, Morgan presented a check payable to Logan Paul after Dillon Danis had agreed to give up his entire fight purse to the social media star in the event of a loss. Danis then revealed that the number on the check would be “over a million dollars,” giving us our first estimate of just how much money Danis made as part of the Misfits Boxing card.

With their rivalry at a boiling point courtesy of Dillon Danis’ incessant trolling on social media, the two men finally stepped inside the squared circle on Saturday night and delivered what many believe was a disappointing end to an entertaining rivalry. Through six rounds of action, Danis was little more than a punching bag, opting to keep his guard high and eat everything that Paul threw at him.

In the end, Danis threw a total of 16 punches and was ultimately disqualified after attempting to lock in a guillotine choke on Paul in the waning seconds of the final round.

Dillon Danis plans on appealing dQ loss to Logan paul

Even without the disqualification, ring announcer Michael Buffer made it a point to announce that Logan Paul was up on every scorecard through the first five rounds.

However, Danis reportedly plans on appealing the decision, suggesting that Paul should have been disqualified when one of his security team members preemptively entered the ring before the final bell. Paul also took a swing at Danis while the BJJ specialist was on the canvas following his ill-advised attempt to wrestle Paul to the ground.

There was multiple offenses I’ll be submitting my appeal to the commission today,” Danis wrote on X.

Considering he went for two very blatant takedowns during the final round of their boxing match, we can’t see the commission making any kind of reversal, especially for a non-professional bout that could have headlined a Fight Circus event.