Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson returned to combat sports in a decidedly unexpected way on Saturday night. The PRIDE legend paired up with Bob Sapp, adopting the moniker Twopollo RamSapp Creed in a bout dubbed the “biggest siamese twins boxing championship of all time.” The pair squared off with Sloppy ‘The Irish’ Balboa, composed of Jon Nutt, the head honcho of Fight Circus, and some guy named Woody.

As expected, the bout was completely chaotic with ‘Rampage’ and Sapp swarming early as their opponents offered little offense. Just over a minute into the bout, Nutt went down prompting a standing eight-count. Seconds later, Nutt went down once again after eating multiple clean shots from Jackson but was saved by the bell.

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Things took an especially usual turn in the second when ‘Rampage’ and Sapp began peppering the referee with strikes as he attempted to separate the four men. The referee then appeared to go for a takedown on ‘Rampage’ as the round ended. The third round was more of the same with Nutt once again hitting the canvas after Woody and himself were overwhelmed by the PRIDE fighting duo. At that point, the referee stepped in and called for the stoppage.

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It was clear that all of the individuals involved were just having a lot of fun, but one has to wonder if ‘Rampage’ and Sapp will defend their Siamese Twins Boxing Championship title in the future.

Official Result: Twopollo RamSapp Creed (Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Bob Sapp) def. Sloppy ‘The Irish’ Balboa (Jon Nutt and Woody) via TKO in Round 3.

Check Out Highlights From ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Bob Sapp vs. Jon Nutt and Woody Below at Fight Circus 6 Below:

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