In a post shared on Twitter, UFC fighter Darren Till explained why he believes the sport of mixed martial arts is greater than boxing.

MMA has seen an infectious rise compared to other sports in the last few decades. This holds especially true at an international level where the sport has grown to unparalleled heights at such a young age as a sport.

Pointing to the upcoming bout between Khamzat Chimaev and Gilbert Burns at UFC 273, Till highlighted why fans are more excited about MMA; they get to see the fights they want. In boxing, this doesn’t happen anymore and is not nearly at the same level with multiple organizations handing out multiple championships.

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Boxing has enjoyed success at the highest level for more than half a century. The sport reached a golden era when television took boxing to new audiences. While MMA was not even considered a sport then, boxing capitalized on the many new opportunities brought on from televised matches and revenue streams.

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After a period of struggle with small movements pushing MMA, the interest peaked in the United States and the UK with the arrival of bona fide superstars Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey. One can argue that no female boxer has reached the level of stardom that Rousey did.

From the early days of ‘Tough Guy Contest’ to the emergence of prominent organizations such as Pride, Strikeforce, and UFC, the perception of the sport has changed significantly for the better.

As a global sport, fans have witnessed some of the most exciting talent coming from areas such as Chechnya, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latin America, and other places to form a strong pool of over 100 countries.

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When is Darren Till returning in the octagon?

After the glorious rise of Michael Bisping in the UK, Darren Till comes as the next homegrown talent that English fans are thrilled to follow. Till has remained on the sidelines in the last few months with a torn ACL that he kept secret going into UFC Vegas 36.

The Scouser has suffered four losses in his last five fights with no agreement in place for the next bout, as of now. Till revealed he was offered to fight Sean Strickland by the UFC as they discussed more options including Jared Cannonier.

Many believe Till has the potential to be a champion including ‘The Bad Guy’, and his bromance with Khamzat Chimaev has only endeared them both more with the fans. Given their training together, ‘The Gorilla’ looks set to make an emphatic return in the octagon, hopefully soon.

Do you think Darren Till will fight for the title again?

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