Yesterday, world-renowned movie star Sylvester Stallone made headlines by offering Conor McGregor a piece of the UFC equity he personally owns. It’s time Conor McGregor reacts to that more than generous offer.

‘The Notorious’ just spoke up on the subject today (Sat., May 4, 2019) on Twitter using a reference to one of Stallone’s infamous ‘Rocky’ movies. He voiced his gratitude that ‘Sly’ would give him such a prize:

“This is Rocky III. We are halfway through. “See that look in their eyes Rock? You gotta get that look back. Eye of the tiger, man!” – Apollo Creed.

“Thank you for your recent words of support and encouragement Sylvester! Know that I am using them as motivation!”

McGregor’s Foray Into Hollywood

McGregor has been campaigning for shares of the UFC as payment for his next fight. UFC President Dana White has said that will never happen.

There does seem to be a path to McGregor getting what he desires, however. Late night talk show host Conan O’Brien jokingly offered to fight McGregor for his own shares of the UFC. McGregor responded that he would fight O’Brien and Mark Wahlberg, who also owns UFC shares, on the same night. Wahlberg did say three years ago that McGregor could get what he wanted but would have to ‘cut the check.’

It doesn’t appear that the former two-division champ wants to take that route to becoming a small part owner of the UFC. He’d much rather receive that equity as part of his compensation for his next bout, if he even does fight again. Again, that’s unlikely at best.

This offer from Stallone seems much more serious than that one. Whether or not it ever comes true remains to be seen, but the connection between the two superstars is gaining heat.

What’s your opinion of ‘Notorious’ and ‘Rocky’s’ budding friendship?