Conor McGregor compares Nunes vs Pena II to his Diaz bout, saying “Some fights, they’re iconic mixed martial arts bouts that we’re all lucky to witness.”

Last night, at UFC 277, the fans were treated to one of the best women’s bantamweight title fights as Amanda Nunes reclaimed her bantamweight crown by defeating Julianna Peña via a decision. Although Nunes dominated, the sheer will and toughness of Pena had the MMA community buzzing, including one Conor McGregor, who couldn’t help but draw comparisons to his own famous fights with Nathan Diaz in a post-fight breakdown

“It’s mad to me the similarities of last night’s lady’s bantamweight world title fight rematch to mine and Diaz.”

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Conor McGregor Believes Amanda Nunes was “Just Better Prepared” For The Rematch

Former Champ Champ, McGregor had high praise for Amanda Nunes and her title-winning performance last night. But before getting to that, McGregor made a point of drawing comparisons between his own mishaps against Nathan Diaz the first time, and Nunes’ loss to Pena.

“Fight number one, the highly touted, the goat of the sport, me and Amanda Nunes’ sheer toughness and willingness to fight and caught off guard, eats a couple of shots, gives a couple of shots, then eats a couple of shots, then the tide turns and then gets choked.”

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But in the rematch, Conor McGregor saw glimpses of his own adjustments in Nunes’ game plan, as both of them redeemed their earlier shocking loss, and got back in the winning column.

“And now the return, a rematch. You know, confidence on the other side, tenacity, toughness, all that’s still there. More focused work on Amanda Nunes’ side and my side […] And then the fight goes exact same way in the second fight. Dropped multiple times. Just better prepared. Cracks the shots and gets the drop multiple times, but then the toughness is still there, is still in Amanda’s face, still in my face. Some fights, they’re iconic mixed martial arts bouts that we’re all lucky to witness.”

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Conor McGregor finished the broadcast by giving Brandon Moreno and Kai Kara-France their props for the amazing Interm Flyweight title bout, along with praising the rest of the fighters on the card. While saying he can’t wait to come back and fight again after feeling more motivated from witnessing all these great performances. 

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