Conor McGregor calls out Nate Diaz to a slap fight to settle the trilogy 

Nate Diaz, conor mcgregor

Conor McGregor took a liking to Dana White’s Power Slap League and proposed a matchup against Nate Diaz for the title.

Dana White’s Power Slap League is set to debut early next year and so far, there have been mixed reviews from the fans and media about the whole slap-fighting idea. However, one person that seems to be more than intrigued by the gimmick is the Irish superstar, Conor McGregor.

In fact, McGregor enjoyed the recent Power Slap promo that ran in between the UFC fights so much that he took to Twitter to propose a potential bout with Nate Diaz, albeit in a joking manner.

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“Me Vs Nate on it for the title hahahaha maybe that’s a title you’d have a better chance of coming close to winning Nate you little slapper hahahaha. Fascinating. I’m attending one of these 100%. Is this Dana’s? Wtf is this madness Dana hahaha. I’m in.”

Conor McGregor intrigued by the high stakes of the Power Slap League

On paper, slap fighting seems to lack skills that have popularized other combat sports like MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and so on. Even more eccentric combat sports like bare-knuckle boxing have a clear skill component to them, which can make the fighting intriguing. 

However, Conor McGregor doesn’t seem to mind this fact, as he explained in another tweet that he finds the stakes of a slap-fighting contest to be highly appealing. 

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“This power slap championships is growing on me,” McGregor said. “Who doesn’t like watching good quality clatters hahaha. Is it a flip of a coin who gets to go first? How long do they have to recover before they get to throw their counter? Or is it over if they’re knocked out?”

The Power Slap League will officially debut in early 2023 and will be sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.