Dana White confirms Power Slap League will air on TBS, clears up ruleset for controversial venture

Power Slap League

UFC president, Dana White has announced the new organization headed up by former promotional owner, Lorenzo Fertitta and himself, Power Slap league, will air on TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) – as well as clearing up the ruleset and regulation surrounding the controversial and criticized venture.

Heading to TBS in January of next year, White confirmed at a press event in New York ahead of this weekend’s UFC 281 pay-per-view event at Madison Square Garden, that the Power Slap league will come to television of January 2023, with eight episodic features scheduled.

Gaining approval from the NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) following an application last month, the Power Slap league will be headed up by White, however, the UFC president is not expected to run operations in the promotion on a day-to-day basis. 

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Dana White lays out ruleset for Power Slap league ahead of January debut

Along with the confirmation of a broadcast deal with Turner Broadcasting System, media members in attendance received a breakdown of a ruleset for Power Slap league in the form of a glossary. (H/T MMAFighting)

Each bout is expected to start with a coin toss, with the correct caller eligible to decide whether or not they would like to throw the initial slap or be on the receiving end of a strike. A 30 second countdown timer will along the thrower to prepare to throw a slap, while the recipient with then gain 30 seconds of recovery. The maximum number of rounds will be three. 

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Akin to professional mixed martial arts and boxing, rounds will be scored in a 10-point must system, with judges instructed to determine their scoring based on the slapper’s effectiveness, along with the reaction and recovery time of the recipient. Bouts can be won via methods of knockout, TKO, or on a decision – while disqualifications, and no contests are also methods of ending a clash. 

Fouls will also be issued if a striker elects to club his opponent, as well stepping, or inducing an illegal wind-up ahead of their strike, as well as delaying the bout. Strikers will also have to announce which hand their intend to throw, whilst also confirming how long it will take them to deliver the strike.

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Recipients of slaps will be penalized and fouled with the following; warnings, re-strikes, losses of strikes, point deductions, and disqualification.

Fouls can be committed by flinching, delaying a bout, or blocking an incoming slap. 

Ahead of the inaugural event and confirmation of regulation in the state of Nevada, physicians and medical experts, as well as commenters in the sphere has criticized the establishment of a slap league, given the risk of suffering chronic brain injury, with competitors not allowed to block incoming strikes.