Colby Covington Says His Parents Hate His Persona He Puts On

Colby Covington

Colby Covington‘s parents hates the persona he puts on to sell his fights as they claim he was not raised to be that way.

Covington was has been outspoken and is labeled a loud mouth for the things he says. His fighting surely backs it up and the trash talk stirs up some controversy. In the latest, Jorge Masvidal was so worked up about the trash talk leading up to their fight, that it caused him to seek out Covington in street clothes and sucker punch him in a restaurant. This has caused ‘Gamebred‘ to be charged with assault against Covington.

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It was the UFC’s worst kept secret that Covington was on the fringe of being cut after his fight with Demian Maia, due to his inability to sell and the way he fights. He is not a knockout artist by any means and grinned fights to decisions with his wrestling and technical striking.

After his decision win over Maia in his hometown of Brazil, he called Brazil a dump and all the Brazilians dirty animals. He has taken his WWE like persona and ran with it.

Colby Covington was on the ‘Full Send Podcast’ when he described how much his parents hated the persona he was displaying

“Dude, I got so many f*****g calls from them screaming at me, I can’t believe you f*****g called the Brazilian’s filthy animals. I didn’t raise you (like that). I should f*****g wash your mouth out with soap. I was like mom, they were acting like filthy animals, what do you want me to do?” Covington said on the Full Send podcast (Transcribed by

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Covington even has a solid relationship with former U.S President Donald Trump and uses his outlet to support him and what he stands for anytime he can.

How do you fell about Colby Covington’s persona? Do you feel like he goes too far at times?