Kyle Forgeard Reveals Bob Menery Set Colby Covington Up For Jorge Masvidal Attack

Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal

Kyle Forgeard from the NELK Boys revealed that teammate Bob Menery set Colby Covington up for the recent physical altercation he had with Jorge Masvidal.

NELK Boys went out to dinner with UFC fighter Covington at Papi Steak Restaurant in Miami last Monday night. The top-ranked welterweight contender appeared on their ‘Full Send’ podcast before going out to the steakhouse. Masvidal was reported to have been alerted about ‘Chaos’s whereabouts before he proceeded to wait for him outside the restaurant and sucker-punching him in a hoodie, wearing a surgical mask.

Forgeard claimed to have seen Menery text ‘Gamebred’ while they were at dinner and shared his thoughts at the start of the podcast:

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“Just a little disclaimer for all the UFC fans… I know you guys saw what happened with the whole restaurant thing with Colby and Masvidal. Bob Menery actually set Colby up. So I did see him texting Masvidal while we were at dinner with Colby. So now that I think about it something isn’t really adding up. I don’t know, I think Bob set him up.” (h/t Sportskeeda)

Bob Menery reacts to the allegations of setting Colby Covington up for Jorge Masvidal

In a video of the alleged attack, Menery can be seen signaling right before Masvidal jumped on Covington. While this may be an indication of a set-up, Bob Menery took to Instagram to deny the allegations of setting Colby Covington up and had also expressed his disappointment with Jorge Masvidal following the incident.

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Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington didn’t seem to settle their disputes inside the octagon after ‘Chaos’ dominated Masvidal for five rounds. The BMF title holder was vocal about his dislike and suggested the altercation that just took place. He was arrested after the attack and faces charges of battery assault and criminal mischief.

Do you think Bob Menery set Colby Covington up for Jorge Masvidal?