Battle Hardened: Fighters With The Most Bouts In UFC History

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The UFC is unquestionably the sport’s biggest stage, so even just getting the opportunity to fight there is a massive accomplishment for any fighter, and a badge of honor that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

That being said, It’s one thing to make it onto the roster, but it’s quite another to remain there. It’s all too common an occurrence to see fighters fall by the wayside after just a few fights – unable to maintain their form when they enter into the sport’s ultimate proving ground against the highest level of competition.

However, some fighters are able to defy the odds, managing to survive, and indeed thrive in the pressure cooker environment that is the UFC’s Octagon for many years.

This article looks to celebrate these battle-hardened warriors, and discover who has been able to push the limits further than anyone else to compile the most fights ever in the history of the UFC.

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