Alexander Volkanovski Provides Health Update: ‘Things Are Going Good’

Alexander Volkanovski
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

UFC featherweight contender Alexander Volkanovski provided a positive health update about his condition.

Volkanovski got the biggest win of his career when defeated Jose Aldo via unanimous decision at UFC 237 this past weekend. However, he later complained of sore feet and was feeling unwell on Monday.

With the swelling on his feet increasing, he was hospitalized in Chile where it was revealed he was dealing with a type of blood infection. However, there is now good news a couple of days since.

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“I got good news this morning,” Volkanovski said in an Instagram video on Friday. “The infection is starting to go down now. So that’s good because it was pretty nasty before, the infection was pretty bad. Cellulitis, bacterial infection — that was my ankle, foot and leg. And it was just very, very swollen and the inflammation was pretty bad and in the infection was pretty bad too.

“But we were worried about it being in the tendons. We got the message this morning that it’s not in any of the tendons so that’s very, very good. So you know, it’ll be all smooth sailing from now, I think. I’m still getting fevers here and there but that’s just normal. But the worst is done which is good. I still need to stay a couple more days which is unfortunate. You know, I want to go home and see the family. I’ve been away for so long, I was expected to be back a few days ago. But obviously this needs to be sorted.”

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It’s not known yet how long the Aussie will be on the shelf as he recovers. However, with Frankie Edgar challenging Max Holloway for the featherweight title next, a little more rest could be a good thing.

You can see the full video from Volkanovski below:

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