Accuser Claims Jon Jones Slapped Her Vagina In Strip Club Incident

Jon Jones
Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
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Controversy has once again found the doorstep of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

“Bones” has been charged with battery for an alleged incident at a strip club in New Mexico this past April involving a cocktail waitress. The initial report suggests Jones  “slapped her inappropriately” and “pulled her down to his lap and kissed her neck.” Jones also allegedly put the waitress in a chokehold and lifted her up off the ground. The 205-pound king has since denied the allegations on social media.

Now, per TMZ, some new details have emerged from the alleged incident. TMZ obtained the criminal summons from the case in which the waitress claims Jones “slapped her p***y.” The woman noted Jones was at the club with his brother, and NFL star, Chandler Jones.

She had been serving Jones’ group all night at the strip club, before Jones began pestering her for a lap dance. The waitress claims she explained to Jones that she’s not a stripper and wasn’t allowed to dance for him. However, Jones still allegedly grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap, and he began kissing her neck.

The woman then went to the bar to grab shots for Jones’ group, but the light heavyweight champion then allegedly approached her from behind and put her in what was described as a “tight rear-naked choke hold.” She then claims she began to banter with Jones and Chandler, and after escaping the choke, Jones “picked [her] up off the ground and turned her around in the air and was roughhousing with her.”

She described the roughhousing as “a wrestling match and nothing sexual.” After that concluded the woman claims Jones “placed her down by the bar and slapped her p***y.” She then allegedly told Jones that “if he was going to smack her, he need [sic] to pay her $100 which she told Jon Jones approximately two times.”

While describing the incident to police, the woman said, “I think [Jon Jones] is a f*cking piece of sh*t.”

What do you think about the Jones accuser’s description of what happened this past April?

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