12 Infamous Street Fights Involving UFC Stars For 2018


Lee Murray

Few people have more street fight stories than notorious UK bad boy Lee Murray, who claims to have had hundreds of scraps over the years and has the scars to prove it.

The most alarming example of this began with a fight outside the Funky Buddha nightclub in London that resulted in him being stabbed twice and having to have his nipple reattached in hospital.

Unbelievably, the former UFC fighter returned to the same club just a week later and once again found himself caught up in the middle of a fight outside.

On this occasion, he’d jumped in to help a friend, who was being attacked by six or seven people, and as punches started flying he noticed his head was bleeding and assumed he’d been hit, then looked down and saw blood spurting from a stab wound to his chest.

Murray ran off and got in a nearby car, begging the two girls inside to take him to a hospital.

Somehow he survived, despite the doctor revealing later that Murray had died three times on the operating table during open-heart surgery for a severed artery and punctured lung.