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Five Reasons Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2 Is The Worst Idea


It’s the rematch nobody expected, but UFC 200 is looking like the place it’ll go down…

Well, who expected to see this bombshell dropped this week? Not even two weeks have passed since Nate Diaz dispatched Conor McGregor in the UFC 196 main event, and already the promotion is working to book the rematch at UFC 200. The Stockton bad boy Diaz submitted McGregor after a thrilling slugfest at the March 5 pay-per-view extravaganza, exposing the holes in the Irish boxer’s game both on the feet and on the canvas. McGregor, it seemed, had been temporarily debunked.

With the hype surrounding ‘The Notorious’ remaining steadfast due to the fight being at welterweight, it looked as though he was being sent back to featherweight to defend the title that had been put on hold by his quest for two belts. After Rafael dos Anjos was injured and removed from the UFC 196 card, the reason the fight with Diaz was at welterweight was because Nate refused to cut down to lightweight on just 11 days notice.

Credit to MMA Fight Night Live on Facebook for the awesome UFC 200 McGregor vs Diaz 2 poster
Credit to MMA Fight Night Live on Facebook for the awesome UFC 200 McGregor vs Diaz 2 poster

So a highly unnecessary yet entertaining bout was born at the floating weight of 170 pounds, and fair play to McGregor for taking the loss on the chin in the post fight stages. But then the news broke just last night that the UFC was looking to book the rematch at their next landmark PPV show, and at welterweight too. The news was met with confusion, anticipation, and outrage from various corners of the MMA community, as many believed and hoped that the featherweight title would once again become active.

We can think of five reasons that the UFC shoud have avoided Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2.

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  • antonio

    Aldo is done. Edgar is boring. Diaz just started to make more than your typical Walmart employee. I say do the money fight. The worst-case scenario for both fighters is exactly equal to their current scenario. The good business choice is for these guys to fight again at UFC 200. It’s the good business choice b/c it’s a fight the fans want to see…

    • Justin

      Lol and here’s your casual fan you’re a fucking idiot Aldo is done and Edgar is boring stfu

      • antonio

        Well, at least I can write a grammatically correct sentence. Two recommendations: 1) Learn to communicate effectively so that you can do well in life and 2) Suck a dick. Having said that, I have been following this sport for decades, and there are specific “signals” a fighter is done, many of which are looming over Aldo’s head. Frankie has had some good fights, but my overall assessment of him is that he is sort of boring (this is my opinion, but many others agree). I’m not a fan of dancers/wrestlers. Finally, there is a lot of logic that goes into promoting Conor/Nate 2…think about it.

        • Justin

          Low kick mma to you fuck yourself and to you Antonio lol so you’re the grammar police on top of your I’ve been following the sport for decades yea ok buddy keep telling yourself that while you agree that Conor vs Diaz is the perfect logical fight to make you’re a fucking moron Diaz will just destroy him again and that shows me you are a casual fan there’s no need to make that fight again other than the ufc just wanting to make there pockets fatter while they hold up a2 guys that deserve shots at it but keep telling yourself that you know what’s going on keyboard warrior

          • antonio

            All I am saying that Nate should embrace this fight b/c he’s been paid Walmart wages for most of his career. What is the alternative, fight RDA, potentially lose, and then he is right back where he started (money wise)? Why not make a few more million dollars, and then take that fight? So, yes, money, in my opinion, is an important criteria that these fighters should consider since they are putting their lives on the line. Of course a fight doesn’t make money unless it’s the one fans want to see, and I promise you that people will BUY THAT FIGHT more than the ones you propose… Conor vs. Frank will make money, too, but Frank will likely win, which kills the Conor gravy train (or at least slows it down in a major way). Anyway, there is nothing wrong with 2 serious fans have 2 separate opinions, especially if they are based on different criteria, so quit being such a turd.

          • Entity

            Grow the hell up you egomaniac keyboard warriors.

          • buddy

            wow you were so terribly, horribly, utterly wrong. Must be embarrassing, humiliating, emasculating right?

        • lance mentzer

          another grammar nazi

          • antonio

            Another illiterate douche bag.

      • LowkickMMA

        Justin, If you want to keep commenting here, watch your language.

        • buddy

          now you guys are policing the thread little fucking late isnt it? lol

      • Jeremy West

        Aldo is Done he was right

    • Andrew Ostrom

      lol, it was the fight everybody wanted to see before diaz submitted him, now not a single conor fanboy is chirping

      • HeartFilledHatred

        What now?

  • ShawnKarr

    Has this been made official yet?
    Maybe UFC is testing the waters by releasing this rumour, or some sort of negotiation ploy for the Aldo/Edgar fight. I hope so cause otherwise they’ve gone too far!
    They’re losing legitimacy as a spprt every day with their “business” decisions. McGregor has been exposed, Aldo needs that belt back. Let’s put an end to this circus and get back MMA.

  • Entity

    Nate will have a full camp,he knows what Connor is bringing and will beat him worse next time.
    Win win for Diaz, money money.

    • HeartFilledHatred

      You were wrong…

      • buddy

        terribly wrong

        • withershadow

          Diaz won that fight too, McGregor just ran the whole fight, and eked out a super narrow split decision that was clearly influenced by UFC organizers because losing twice in a row would have basically ended McGregor’s limelight career, which is their golden goose right now.

    • Jeremy West

      Haha how did you like that.

  • leonaidis

    I don’t think McG can make 145 safely now that IV rehydration is banned. But they wont strip him of the title until he gets a shot at the 155 title. So if he wins, he can be the first to hold two titles in the ufc. I think that for the first time Dana stood up to McG and told him “how are you going to beat RDA, if Nate does that to you?. So to get a crack at the 155 title McG has to prove he can at least beat the mediocre Nate Diaz at 155.

    When Diaz finishes him even faster with a full camp behind him, McG will be all out of luck, titles and hype. Finally.

    But it’s stupid holding up the 145 division just so McG can try and get his two belts. He is to big for 145, just give it up and start learning to fight other than midgets.

    • aNYagenda

      He is kinda big for 145.
      And size does count sometimes.

  • Cody

    What this article is stating same goes aldo. Aldo needs to get another win prove why he was where he was, plus the fight would bring more money in if he had a win. Everyone is going on about edgar needs a shot but he had one and lost to aldo, but I get it. Diaz and mcgregor both had a challenge, mcgregor for the impressive weight climb and and short time to train for a different style. And diaz just excepting the fight from a holiday. But the beating connor was giving him up to the 30 secs before he got submitted was iconic he got gassed out from probably the massive weight change. With both fully prepping for each other would be entertaining as diaz can take hit like a boss.
    Personally I would like to see connor vs aldo to see them really go at it would be the most interesting fight to watch. But if the fight is with diaz put edgar in for a rematch with aldo and winner fights connor give edgar the chance to prove himself at being the champion by taking all of them out.

  • aNYagenda

    “Too soon”

    I assumed that they would fight again one day, unless one or the other went on a skid so bad that it could no longer be justified.

    But if conor and Nate are willing to do it again so soon,
    let them do it then.

    They’re both men who trained hard and should have a right to make their own decisions. They’re the ones getting in there, not you or me.

    If zuffa was forcing this on them I’d be outraged, but they’re not. Not that they would never do such a thing, but they’re not in this example.

  • Jeremy West

    Since this is an old article. Is it apparent how wrong the author is? I have 5 reasons this guy should shut up.

  • Anita S

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  • Seán Millar

    Whoever wrote this should seek a career they don’t flop at.