Glover Teixeira Says He Is Ready To Fight Jon Jones Tomorrow


UFC’s Glover Teixeira is making quite a name for himself in the Light-Heavyweight division. His current streak stands at 19 wins, including four recent UFC wins. Apart from his decision win against Rampage Jackson, GT has finished all of his UFC opponents.

His most recent win, a submission over James Te Huna at UFC 160, really put Teixeira on the map as far as the title picture. And if he can conquer his next opponent, Ryan Bader at UFC on FS1:3, it will be hard to deny GT his shot at the title.

Check out what Teixeira had to say, via

“This time I’m going to be fighting in my home state, and I’m very excited. My family is going to be there for the first time. The trip is a little long, but that’s part of the job.”

“When I said I didn’t think I had done enough to earn a title shot, it wasn’t because of my confidence or my skills. When I said that, it’s because I’m new in the company. But I think I have the skills to go over there today and fight for the title and fight Jon Jones.”

Teixeira has always struck me as quite a humble character, and with such a diverse skill set he certainly has the base to be a big star.

“My skills and my confidence, I’m ready to fight for the title tomorrow,” Teixeira said. “I’m ready to get the title. If Gustafsson gets hurt – and I hope he doesn’t, I don’t want that for anybody – but I’m always there. If I don’t get hurt in the Ryan Bader fight, I’ll fight Jon Jones.”

He certainly is giving a good account of himself, and an impressive win against Bader could see Teixeira as the next in line for Jones/Gustafsson. But probably Jones.

I’ve always been a Teixeira fan, which is why it is good to see him doing so well on the big platforms. He had some great fights in Shooto and PFC, and he really is a big talent.

The Chuck Liddell product will look to take it to the next level against Bader, and hopefully follow in his mentor’s footsteps and become a UFC champion.


  • TOMORROW! I didnt see the PPV lol

    I hope he fares better than Rampage who Tex barely beat.

    • Barely beat? I thought he won pretty handily. Tex is well rounded, but I think if he lacks in 1 spot compared to jones it's the clinch/clinch takedowns. I don't personally believe anyone at LHW can beat Jones, but if I was forced to pick someone with the best chance it would have to be Glover or Machida.

      • D

        I see we're doing MMA math. Here's another equation for you. Bader also beat Rampage "pretty handily".

        Texeira probably knocks him out, but Bader can win this fight.

        • Bader is a master…."Master Bader"

      • Maybe I should have said, Jones "finished" Rampage, no decision there.

      • Agree.

  • means he is not ready now. now is the only moment. tomorrow he will be ready tomorrow. still has a thought left to go he does.

  • gm1

    ALL WEAK……

    Glover hasnt beaten anybody…..19 WIN Streak doesnt mean squat if you are not fighting top level or even top 5 or 10…..

    Rampage has not been top 5 for quite sometime now…
    Glover should be fighting top guys now….Henderson, Machida, even should have be fighting Gufstason…..

    Sad to say but most of the LHW Division is a wash now….except for Machida but even he was put to sleep by Jones. Its very unlikely if they were to meet up again, there would be a different outcome…..

    As for Glover, he has zero wrestling skills….he will be taken down by Jones with NO Resistance….BJJ Blackbelt or not….it wont matter…Jones will GNP or Submit Glover easily…..ask BJJ Blackbelt and karate expert Machida

    • He did stand and trade with Rampage. Name one guy who stood and traded with Rampage that didnt get hammered. Dont say Jones either, Jon didnt stand and trade, he stayed away from his shots and used his reach. Id give Glover moe credit than you're doing, but then again, guess thats just you.

    • Hector Lombard is living proof that a huge win streak, is transferable to the UFC as legitimate contender status.

  • I use to think glover was a bad=*** until he tried to make love to Mike Tyson

    • @enjoylife321

      The general rule RE; Tyson,

      either you make love to him


      he makes love to you.