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The Battle Rages On For Legitimacy At 125lbs.


Since the UFC’s introduction of the Flyweight division, back in 2011, we have seen some pretty awesome 125lb. scraps. The division is known for it’s super high pace, and can produce epic performances. Yet it still is subject to scrutany from many MMA fans and critics.

I’ve heard people say ‘They rushed the process of adding the division’, or that there isn’t enough knockouts. For me, the introduction of another division adds more matchups, another set of title fights and room to breath for fighters, weight wise. A common counter argument is that 125-45 tends to thin out quite often.

During the four man tournament for the inaugral Flyweight crown, it was almost like people didn’t take the title seriously. There were a lot of jokes being made about the stature of fighters like Demetrious Johnson and, although it was more jest than anything, I sensed a vibe of indifference in relation to the fighters. These guys are the same as any other weight class, they obviously have to tailor their styles for higher pace, as do Heavyweights to avoid being knocked out.

The Featherweight division in the UFC has flourished since the merging of WEC, Jose Aldo has been the driving force since unifying the belt back in 2010. Which brings me to my next point: The Flyweight division needs a star.

Jose Aldo, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman, GSP, Cain Velasquez, Dominick Cruz and the list goes on. These are all big names associated with a number of Weight Divisions. The fact is that if a division is to flourish, it first needs big names with fan bases.

In the early days of the UFC Lightweight division, when Jens Pulver was the inaugral champion, the 155ers were probably looked at in the same light. Stars like Pulver, Bj Penn, Frankie Edgar and Ben Henderson have helped the division garner the respect it deserves.

I think is only a matter of time before we see the Flyweight division being looked at as a legitimate force. Guys like Joseph Benavidez, Mighty Mouse, Darren Uyenoyama, John Moraga, John Dodson and many more can help get the division to that stage. Although it will take time, there is a lot of potential at 125lbs.

All these fighters can do is continue to put on great shows, grab the attention of fans and UFC brass, and hopefully get their names on the list of MMA/UFC legends in the years to come.

  • It's UFC's marketing…

    The issue is that UFC hasn't managed to make people understand why the small guys are fun to watch. If just being big was key, Pacman and mayweather wouldn't be making the most money in boxing.

    UFC should present them as the fastest fighters alive. If you sell a pro sport, people have to be convinced their watching people do things they can't do.

    The bigger you get, the cardio becomes much more of a factor. You may not get as many ko's but you get 10x's the action at a video game like pace. You generally see more action in those matches then any other match. Sometimes the whole card.

    Look what they did with Cain… everybody i'd meet who watched UFC would rant and rave about Cain's cardio. HE FINISHED EVERY FIGHT IN THE FIRST ROUND!!!!

    People just thought that because JOE TOLD THEM SO! THINK ABOUT IT.

    Thats where my fustration is with UFC's marketing model. it's very clunky and not very creative.

  • 125 sure is tiny. I've seen women in every town that would take these guys 3 minutes to run around one complete time.

  • I think the problem of the division right now is a "boring" champion combined with too little depth. Johnson is 100% a point fighter who tries to win the round before everything else, scoring meaningless takedowns in the process and landing light punches, never going for a finish and winning fighty by cardio. No doubt that he is a good fighter, but he doesn't have an intriguing style at all.

    I'd much more like to see fights like Dodson vs McCall… or Dodson vs anyone else (except from Johnson again). At least I have the feeling with him that the fight might somehow end decisively.

    • Mighty Mouse boring?? …. smh! a "pointfighter" that finished more than half of his wins?? ok…

      • they were all out of the UFC and most out of Zuffa… you can't really judge them on the wins outside because it could be against absolute garbage guys.

        But you right, Might Mouse is not boring, actually very exciting and super highly skilled