The UFC Media conference was held on Sept 14th leading up to the premier of The Ultimate Fighter 12 airing Wed. Sept 15 on Spike TV.  After the finale of the show the 2 coaches: Georges and Josh will fight for the title on Dec 11th. They previously fought each other back in 2007 Georges “Rush” St. Pierre won by unanimous decision after 3 rounds. St Pierre is the current UFC welterweight title holder.

According to St Pierre, Josh “Kos” Koscheck told Penny Buffington executive producer of MMA2DAY and other members of the media lies. “On this interview right now he just said 2 lies. The 1st lie was that he is happy to be fighting in Montreal that is not true. He is not happy at all and the 2nd lie is that I am a fake person. I am not fake, that is not true at all. I never derail from the person that I am and for what I stand for.”

Koscheck responded, “Let’s get this for the record, Mr. St Pierre; I am not lying about coming to Montreal. I am actually excited about it and I can’t wait to get there and you are going to see on Dec 11th how excited I am about being in Montreal. Whether it’s in Vegas, whether it’s in Pittsburg, whether it’s in Montreal, I am still coming to whip your ass.”

Later during the conference “Rush” said, “I am not defiantly working on the one thing or the other.” (Referring to wrestling)  “I am always sharpening up everything. I try to sharpen up all my skills pretty much equally. I try to be a complete fighter and well, he doesn’t know what I am going to do to him.”


Georges has a mixed martial arts record of 20 – 2 – 0. Josh’s record is 15 – 4 – 0. The 2 times that Georges did lose were to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. He then fought both for a second time and won.

Both coaches seemed committed to the coaching process with comments like the one Josh gave, “When I was on The Ultimate Fighter Season One I was with Chuck Liddell and he was getting ready to fight Randy Couture. He was undefeated for 2 years. I obviously looked up to him and respected him as a fighter and as a person. I defiantly tried to think about that experience when I was on The Ultimate Fighter and tried to give to these guys the experience that I had with Chuck.”

St. Pierre coached on a previous season of The Ultimate Fighter- Season 4. He explained he had other coaching experience as well. “This was not his first coaching experience.”  he explained, “I have coached before; I was working for a governmental program helping teenager kids. It was in the beginning of my career. So, it’s not my first experience but it’s just weird to be coaching guys that are actually going to be in the octagon. This is a whole nother level. It’s a good experience.”

Season 12 is made up of 28 lightweights. Their names are: JJ Ambrose, Paul Barrow, Jason Brenton, Jonathan Brookins, Mike Budnik, Alex Caceres, Sako Chivitchian, Joseph Duffy, Pablo Garza, Toby Grear, Daniel Head, Michael Johnson, Amir Khillah, Jeff Lentz, Sevak Magakian, Steve Magdaleno, Andy Main, Cody McKenzie, T. J. O’Brien, Spencer Paige, Nam Phan, Michael Richman, Dane Sayers, Ariel Sexton, Marc Stevens, Kyle Watson, Ran Weathers, and Aaron Wilkinson.

Koscheck says, “I think our fights are all exciting and it is defiantly going to be a good season.”

UFC Fight Night MARQUARDT vs PALHARES also airs on Spike TV Sept 15 before The Ultimate Fighter.

MMA2DAY had 2 cast members from season 12 Marc Stevens and Spencer Paige on last Sundays show. More info can be found at



Cast Member Marc Stevens fighting out of Watertown, NY