UFC Exec: Jose Aldo’s Health Was Always Number One Priority

jose aldo

When the media first caught wind of Jose Aldo’s rib injury, there was a lot of confusion on what the status was on his ribs as well as his bout with Conor McGregor at UFC 189. One report claimed Aldo had a bruised rib, while another claimed he had a fracture. “Scarface” had early intentions of making it to the fight, but ultimately decided he was unable to compete on July 11, 2015.

The decision left many fans disappointed and UFC president Dana White has expressed his displeasure. White claims Aldo lost out on close to $4 million for this fight.

At today’s (July 9, 2015) UFC 189 press conference, UFC vice president of public relations Dave Sholler wanted to make it clear that the UFC always puts the health of their athletes first:

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“Jose’s health and safety was always number one and it always is for all of our athletes. Any rumors or social media that you see that we’re forcing Jose to fight is categorically false.”

As far as the controversy goes with the X-ray on Aldo’s ribs, Sholler says it’s simply a matter of different viewpoints:

“The bottom line is, there was a difference of opinions in the actual X-ray’s and scans that were looked at. It was a significant injury and Jose decided that he couldn’t fight and that’s understandable.”

Not everyone is as understanding as Sholler is. McGregor called the reigning featherweight title holder a “p*ssy” during the same conference. “”Notorious” has also called “Scarface” out for “running.” He even went as far as to predict Aldo wouldn’t return inside the Octagon.

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Aldo hasn’t held his tongue since pulling out of this Saturday’s bout. He said the winner of UFC 189’s interim featherweight title fight will be in possession of a toy. He has also shown his support for Chad Mendes going into the fight.