It’s once again fight day here at LowKickMMA, and the talent on display tonight (Saturday, July 7, 2018) will come from in the form of UFC 226. Headlining the card are Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic, but there’s a whole bunch of great fights also taking place on the preliminary section of the card.

Uriah Hall vs. Paulo Costa in a middleweight bout closes the preliminary card on FOX Sports 1. In round 1, they exchange kicks in the early going while having a feeling out process. Hall continues to land a left jab over and over. Costa caught him with an over hand right then followed it up with kicks. Hall is snapping a jab out and connecting until he was kicked in the nuts. Hall with a spinning back kick to the gut and Costa no sold it. Costa is fired up and going after him. Hall made him bleed with that jab. Costa threw some bombs up against the fence and then landed some knees while in the clinch. Costa punched Hall in the nuts. In round 2, Costa landed a big right hand in the early going. Hall with a takedown inside a minute but Costa was able to pop right back up to his feet. Hall dropped him with a big right hand but Costa swarmed him with strikes that stunned Hall then finally he went down. That’s a wrap.

Raphael Assuncao vs. Rob Font is next in a bantamweight bout. In round 1, Font pushing out front kicks. They trade leg kicks and Font tries to keep his jab in Assuncao’s face. Font lands a left hook to the body. Making good use of his length so far. Spinning heel kick is just blocked by Font. Assuncao fires jabs and lands an overhand. In round 2, Assuncao hits a takedown very early in the round. He’s in side control now dropping short punches. Font is able to reclaim guard but Assuncao fires huge punches that force Font to scramble and Assuncao is back to side control. He’s dropping lefts and forcing Font to move while floating easily. Font is finally able to get his hips out and escape back to his feet. Assuncao slips Font’s shots, leg kicks and jabs. Font with a 1-1-2 and the right connects. In round 3, Assuncao is picking Font off as he tries to get inside. He trips him up with a low leg kick then a spinning hook kick. Font connects on overhand, left hook then takes a shot to the pills. Font with a nice hook, and Assuncao just comes back with a low kick that cuts him down again. Font pressuring and gets poked in the eye. Referee steps in. Assuncao hits a double leg and quickly moves to three quarter mount. Font is able to reclaim guard but Assuncao is about to sweep this fight. Assuncao got the decision win.

Lando Vannata vs. Drakkar Klose is next in a lightweight bout. In round 1, Klose is able to push Vannata into the cage immediately. Vannata eats some shots but grabs Klose and tries to slam him but can’t quite finish. Now Klose tries the same thing. Vannata leg kicks and then fires one upstairs before Klose tries to grab him again but Vannata shucks him off. Klose body kicks as Vannata tries to feint. In round 2, Vannata nearly connects flush on a spinning back kick to the face. Klose is striking well with Vannata. They had a nice exchange then clinched up against the fence. Klose was able to score a takedown but Vannata got right back to his feet. In round 3, Klose is attacking low leg kicks to start the round. Vannata tries pushing him back but Klose’s jab and cross are keeping Vannata from getting comfortable in the pocket. Vannata is letting occasional high-amplitude spinning attacks go but they’re getting blocked. Looks like he’s going to need a Hail Mary finish. Klose continues beating up Vannata’s lead leg then pushes him into the cage and starts grinding him there. Klose grinds on the cage until the ref separates them with just over 90s left. Vannata hits a foot sweep in a tie up and jumps on Klose’s back but can’t hold it. Klose hits a late takedown. Klose with the decision win.

Curtis Millender vs. Max Griffin in a welterweight bout opens the FOX Sports 1 preliminary bouts. In round 1, Griffin comes with leg kicks and firing 1-2s trying to get inside Millender’s reach. Millender catches Griffin with a flying knee, tries a check-knee a moment later. Millender is leg kicking hard. He goes up top now. Griffin is circling and the two trade jabs. Griffin bull-rushes and hits a takedown on the cage, half guard. Griffin is controlling Millender on the ground easily. Moderate ground and pound from half guard for the duration of the rest of the round. In round 2, Millender rips a huge left hook to the body. He tries a jump knee, then a head kick. Griffin lands a very hard 1-2. Griffin looks to step inside after his 1-2 but meets a big knee and gets stuffed. Millender cracks Griffin with a left hook. Griffin so far has been unable to take Millender back down again. Millender connects with a right hand and a low leg kick. Griffin comes forward throwing his left hook but Millender slides back and shoves him away. Millender throws a pair of high kicks that are blocked. In round 3, Griffin lands a right to start the round then a pair of hooks upstairs. Griffin tries moving forward but Millender jumps in with a vicious knee to the body. Millender sends a head kick off Griffin’s guard. Griffin is able to tie up and push Millender to the cage. Griffin doesn’t get the td right away this time and eats a nasty elbow. Millender nearly gets himself off the cage but Griffin seems to try desperately to keep him there. But the takedown doesn’t come and back at range they trade punches. Griffin lands an overhand but Millender has Griffin backed up and lands several hard shots. Millender drives a knee into Griffin and follows up with a flurry. Griffin gets off the cage and connects once. The judges gave the decision win to Millender.

Dan Hooker vs. Gilbert Burns in a lightweight bout finishes off the UFC Fight Pass preliminary card. In round 1, Burns comes out jerkily and hits a spinning back kick. A Burns right hand seems to hurt Hooker but the Kiwi recovers quickly. Hooker leg kicks then attacks the body with a right hand. A counter cross turns Burns’ head near all the way around. Hooker drops Burns with a left hook! Burns is done.

Opening the UFC Fight Pass prelims is Jamie Moyle vs. Emily Whitmire in a women’s strawweight bout. In round 1, Whitmire looks more comfortable on the feet than we’ve seen her before. She lands a leg kick then a left hook as Moyle looks to tie up. Whitmire looks more comfortable on the feet than we’ve seen her before. She lands a leg kick then a left hook as Moyle looks to tie up. In round 2, 2-3 lands for Moyle. She’s moving forward more aggressively. He’s landing her left hook well now. They exchange leg kicks. Moyle shoots as Whitmire moves forward but Whitmire circles out before Moyle can get a hold of her. Moyle lands a punch-kick combo. She’s taken the initiative. Now Whitmire steps in with a 1-2 and Moyle gets in on the hips but Whitmire stuffs it. Whitmire shoots now but Moyle stuffs it and briefly gets a wrestling ride before Whitmire gets up and escapes. Moyle gets inside and lands a left hand, then an overhand. Whitmire lands a right of her own. Whitmire shoots and stuffs Moyle into the cage. Moyle reverses and goes for her own takedown. Moyle can’t finish the takedown but she knees in the clinch some. Back at range Moyle pushes forward. In round 3, Moyle fights her off at first, forcing Whitmire to back off, but Emily goes down into her half guard. Whitmire effective with her left hand from half guard. Moyle looks stuck. Emily had trapped one of Moyle’s arms. Half the round has bled away w/ Moyle on her back. She needs to change something now. Whitmire continues working from half guard. With a min left Moyle reclaims guard near the cage but Whitmire stands and passes. She stays heavy, stacking Moyle and landing shots to the bell. Whitmire got the decision win.

Here are the results:


Middleweight: Paulo Costa def. Uriah Hall via KO (punches) at 3:38 of R2

Bantamweight: Raphael Assuncao def. Rob Font by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Lightweight: Drakkar Klose def. Lando Vannata via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Welterweight: Curtis Millender def. Max Griffin via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Lightweight: Dan Hooker def. Gilbert Burns via KO (punch) at 2:28 of R1

Strawweight: Emily Whitmire def. Jaime Moyle via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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