UFC 218 Preliminary Card Results: Paul Felder Finishes Charles Oliveira

Charles Oliveira and Paul Felder

It’s once again fight day here at LowKickMMA, and the talent on display tonight (Saturday, December 2nd, 2017) will come from in the form of UFC 218. Headlining the card are Jose Aldo and Max Holloway, but there’s a whole bunch of great fights also taking place on the preliminary section of the card.

Charles Oliveira vs. Paul Felder in a lightweight closes the preliminary card on FOX Sports 1. In round 1, Oliveira with early leg kicks while Felder was looking for a hook. Oliveira got the takedown within the opening minute and he pressed him up against the fence. Oliveira got his back then Felder got out of it. Back up against the fence and Oliveira went for a D’Arce choke and somehow Felder stayed awake. Oliveira kneed him close in the face on the ground. Oliveira got his back and worked him over with shots while looking for the rear-naked choke. Felder shoved him off and got half guard on top. Felder worked him over with strikes to end the round. In round 2, Felder clinched with him right out of the gate and landed some knee strikes to the gut. Felder caught him with a good elbow and Oliveira crumbled. Felder kept on with strikes from top position. Felder stayed in guard while Oliveira was rolling for a leg lock. Felder rained down strikes and elbows for the win.

Alex Oliveira vs. Yancy Medeiros is next in a welterweight bout. In round 1, Body kick and straight for Cowboy back Medeiros up. Yancy drops Oliveira but he gets up and charges Medeiros into the clinch! Wow what a start! Oliveira has Medeiros on the cage but a low blow on Medeiros causes a break. Oliveira’s nose is bleeding freely, clearly broken. Oliveira body kick then a crushing cross that floors Medeiros! He lands a knee to the body as Yancy climbs to his feet, somehow seemingly recovered. Oliveira misses an elbow on the break. They are throwing straight hands with the intent to kill. Oliveira floors Yancy again and is blasting him on the cage! Medeiros again showing his inhuman toughness and ability to recover but he is taking a beating. They trade elbows and then break. Cowboy’s long body kick and straight and landing hard but Medeiros is smiling and cracks Oliveira with an elbow inside. In round 2, Oliveira digging his front kick into Yancy’s gut and they’re tagging each other upstairs again, only slightly less blistering pace than the first round. Medeiros lands two flush left hooks in a row. Oliveira ducks and retreats but then dances it out. Powerful crosses for both guys but Yancy stops Oliveira in his tracks with one. Yancy flurries to the body but Oliveira swings for the fences. Oliveira tries a takedown to no avail, goes to four kicks to different levels in a row. They’re still swinging hands and landing more often than not. Medeiros with a gorgeous throw off a failed Oliveira trip. He lands in mount and drops hellacious elbows.In round 3, Yancy has a head kick partially caught and he trips but Oliveira doesn’t try to take him down. He’s charging after him with bombs and landing. Oliveira gets a rear waistlock and picks Medeiros up and slams him down twice. He gets the back briefly but Yancy turns into his guard. Oliveira up. Oliveira seems done. Yancy backs him to the cage and batters him until he goes down.

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David Teymur vs. Drakkar Klose is next in a lightweight bout. In round 1, Klose tries a high kick to start things off. Inside leg kick for Teymur, who is circling along the outside as Klose pressures. Teymur lands body kicks. Klose already getting frustrated, raising his hands in the air. They trade kicks and Klose tries to push Teymur into the cage. Teymur keeping himself off the cage so far. He lands an inside leg kick and a straight left hand. Herb Dean warns Teymur for timidity. Klose is the one standing still raising his hands as Teymur tries to slide back and land kicks. Teymur more aggressive now, both landing kicks. In round 2, Klose comes out pressing forward again but he won’t chase Teymur as he circles, just going back to stand in the center of the cage. Inside leg kicks and body kicks for Teymur. They trade straights. Klose charges and tries a jumping knee and winging shots. Teymur kicking effectively, nearly catches Klose reaching down when he goes upstairs with a kick. They trade takedown shots but both are stuffed. Teymur lands a nice right hook on a break. Klose lands a nice body kick but it’s Teymur’s volume and elusiveness. Teymur catches a jump knee and sweeps Klose’s leg. Klose is more aggressive now and he lands a pair of nice punches but eats two head kicks. Klose tries to catch a kick but can’t take him down. They land hooks together. In round 3, Teymur with a nice knee to the body and he tries to push Klose away but puts a finger in his eye. Break in the action. Teymur clowning a bit while Klose clears his vision. He lands a leg kick and Klose again tries a flying knee. Klose with a nice knee to the body off a Teymur front kick. Klose spinning back kick answered by Teymur body kick. Klose landing punches in close when he charges and Teymur tries to get away. Teymur pot-shotting still. Teymur leg kick then a step-in knee to the body as Klose swings and misses. Teymur in on a single but can’t get him down. The judges gave the win to Teymur.

Felice Herrig vs. Cortney Casey in a women’s strawweight opens the FOX Sports 1 preliminary bouts. In round 1, Nice low kick from Casey. decent left from Herrig stepping in. Herrig doing well to get low under Casey’s punches and come back up. Herrig got caught walking in that time, still landed her left hook, but she’s fighting a bout that suits Casey right now. Herrig swarming in, ate a few shots, but got the clinch. Casey with a cage grab, Herrig gets her down from the body lock. Casey doing well to lock down Herrig’s offense and hits a Kimura sweep. That was something she showed against JAG too. Hard to actually get offense from top position on her. Casey and Herrig trading shots in flurries, but Casely getting two off for every one of Herrig’s. In round 2, Left hook lands for Herrig to open the round. Low leg kick for Casey. Cross for Herrig but Casey responds with a two-piece. Herrig left hook lands flush. Low leg kick for Herrig and Casey comes back with a front kick to the gut. Herrig wades in with her head down and lands a right. In round 3, Herrig lands a right then a left hook to start the round. Careful kickboxing, picking away with kicks and occasional punching combos. Herrig comes forward and eats some counters. They start talking and some middle fingers are shown before the feed cuts. Herrig pulled out the split decision victory.

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Angela Magana vs. Amanda Cooper in a women’s strawweight bout finishes off the UFC Fight Pass preliminary card. In round 1, Magana lands a leg kick to open things, then pulls Cooper into a knee after a brief tie-up. Cooper has yet to open up. Cooper switching stances a bit and working her jab. She catches a kick and drives Magana back to the cage where Magana needs an egregious fence grab to stay up. Magana able to turn over and reclaim half guard after eating some hard shots from back mount. Full guard now for Cooper. Magana throws up an armbar but Cooper is able to step into half guard then briefly traps Magana’s right arm and lands some punches. Magana tries to scramble away but Cooper dives on her back. After a brief choke attempt she settles for bashing on Magana from the back to the bell. In round 2, Cooper comes out southpaw and aggressive, winging from the hip. She catches a Magana kick and dumps her. Postured up in full guard, punches and elbows. After some time in half guard, Cooper advances to side control, then the back, punching all the while. Cooper nearly gets the RNC but Magana able to turn enough to fend it off. But she is not in this fight in any way. Magana tries to get to her knees with Cooper on her back, but is eating punches and gets flattened out. Magana surviving but that’s it. Cooper taking Magana to hammer town. Floating, punching, elbowing, fishing for the choke. Keith Peterson finally waves it off 4:30 of R2.

Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Sabah Homasi in a lightweight bout is next. In round 1, Homasi landing his leg kicks and overhand. Alhassan with a leg kick of his own and a right that staggers Homasi. Alhassan lands a right that has Homasi shooting. Alhassan shucks it off and is unloading on the fence before a tie-up. Homasi lands a pair of good knees to the gut that allows him to get off the cage. The WWs are throwing BOMBS. Homasi dirty boxes and lands good knees in the clinch and forces a seemingly hurt Alhassan to the ground. Homasi with good shots on the ground. Alhassan works to his feet and briefly drags Homasi down and nearly gets the back but Homasi is back up. His back is stuck on the cage. Homasi with good knees in the clinch but he slips. Alhassan lands a left on the way up. They stand and trade, Homasi goes down and Herb stops it.

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Dominick Reyes vs. Jeremy Kimball is next in a light heavyweight bout. In round 1, Long left front kick opens things for Reyes then a left body kick. Kimball literally charges Reyes and lands a hard right. Reyes looks for a guillotine after Kimball crashes him into the cage. Kimball dumps him briefly and gets his head out, trying to drag Reyes down. Kimball nearly pulls Reyes down again and feeds him left hands on the way up. Reyes reverses on the cage and trips Kimball. Side control from Reyes and he’s grinding with elbows. Kimball gets his guard back but eats a shot. Reyes stands, lands a pair of shots and jumps on Kimball’s back. Body triangle for Reyes, hitting Kimball with elbows as they’re both on their side. A rear-naked choke finish for Reyes.

Opening the UFC Fight Pass prelims is Justin Willis vs. Allen Crowder in a heavyweight bout. In round 1, nice 1-2 from southpaw from Willis. He catches a kick and tries to feed Crowder some fists but doesn’t connect. Right hand from Crowder. Willis grabs the Thai clinch and hits a knee then they dirty box before a break. Crowder keeps getting his kick caught. Willis has Crowder skirting the fence and lands several lefts. A counter left hook rocks Crowder and Willis polishes him off!

Here are the results:


Lightweight: Paul Felder def. Charles Oliveira via KO (elbows) at 4:06 of R2

Welterweight: Yancy Medeiros def. Alex Oliveira via TKO (puches) at 2:02 of R3

Lightweight: David Teymur def. Drakkar Klose via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Strawweight: Felice Herrig def. Cortney Casey via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

PRELIMINARY CARD (UFC Fight Pass/6:15 p.m. ET)

Strawweight: Amanda Bobby Cooper def. Angela Magana via TKO (punches) at 4:34 of R2

Welterweight: Abdul Razak Alhassan def. Sabah Homasi via TKO (punches) at 4:21 of R1

Light Heavyweight: Dominick Reyes def. Jeremy Kimball via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:39 of R1

Heavyweight: Justin Willis def. Allen Crowder via KO (punch) at 2:33 of R1