Tyson Fury Responds To Francis Ngannou’s Boxing Challenge

Francis Ngannou
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Everyone wants a piece of Tyson Fury now that “The Gypsy King” has expressed interest in coming into the mixed martial arts (MMA) world.

However, it appears that UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou wants to box the lineal heavyweight champion inside the ring. If this does happen, Ngannou has said legendary heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has agreed to train him for the potential fight.

The pair were recently working together, and Ngannou confirmed the agreement via Twitter.

Spoke with Mike Tyson and he agreed to train me for when I fight @Tyson_Fury in the Ring. Don’t be scared Fury. You called me out and now you’ll have to live with it.”

This prompted a response from Fury, who said he’ll deal with all the MMA heavyweights who want a piece of him once he’s done with all the boxing fights he needs to get through.

“Ill deal with you and all the other Mma heavyweights when I’m done with my boxing fights, It won’t be long to wait! Then I’ll show u how we roll.”

As for the possibility of seeing Fury inside the UFC’s Octagon, UFC president Dana White recently said he doesn’t understand why Fury would ever want to attempt something like that.

“Tyson Fury had a tough time in his last fight in a boxing match. Coming over to MMA is a whole ‘nother story,” White told TMZ recently. “… Listen, anything’s possible. If Tyson Fury wants to fight in MMA, I’ve got a ton of guys that would love to fight him.

“I just don’t know why. I can’t wrap my head around why. …He’s an incredible fighter. Promoted the right way, [he] could be a part of three or four of the biggest fights in heavyweight [boxing] history. Why come over here and get smashed when you could stay there? Tyson Fury, your time is now. You’re the man in boxing. You’re one of the top four guys in the world in boxing. Why even think of coming over here?”

What do you think about a potential fight between Fury and Ngannou?


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