It looks like former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is aiming to stay in the boxing realm moving forward in his career, despite saying he’d like to compete in kickboxing recently, as he has once again called for a fight opposing YouTube-boxing sensation KSI.

Woodley recently posted the following statement on his Twitter account:

“If KSI would ever be a man and a man of his word. He in his lane. I said my piece and agreed to the terms. What God has for me is for me! He asked me to fight. Not chasing a grown man down. That’s borderline bullying.”

KSI however seems to have little to no interest in the match up, and had also stated prior that he’d like for Woodley to win a fight in the boxing ring prior to booking a fight with him:

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Hmmm, should I: A – Fight a tired Tyron Woodley that hasn’t won a single boxing fight and got knocked out by Jake Paul by standing still? (Or) B – Fight a pro boxer with a better boxing record than Tommy Fury?”

Some fans have recently spoke out on the callout:

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You’re begging a YouTuber, it’s embarrassing.

This is sad that your legacy has come to begging YouTubers for boxing matches.

Stop embarrassing yourself.

This is sad to see, once on of the best fighters on the planet now begs YouTubers for fights.

You broke again?

You are chasing for a YouTuber to fight. Common T-Wood you are better than this.

Tyron Woodley has only boxed twice, both professional fights with Jake Paul, and he went 0-2 in those fights. Then you look at what he did prior to boxing; he became a top two (at the time) welterweight of all-time, but left on a four-fight skid, making his second defeat to Paul his sixth-straight loss after opening up his combat sports career with a record of 19-3-1.

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KSI on the other hand, who’s a decade younger than Woodley mind you, has done very well for himself as of late. Following a short 1-0-1 amateur boxing run, he’s since gone 3-0 as a professional, making him 4-0-1 in his last (only) five fights.

You can see why he wouldn’t want a fight with someone on a losing streak, but Woodley would be the biggest name he’d fought to this point. And, he was just about to fight Dillon Danis last month until Danis pulled out.

Do you think KSI should fight Tyron Woodley next?

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