Ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley eyes kickboxing switch: ‘Every time I kick somebody, they hit the ground’

Tyron Woodley Kickboxing

Former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley, plans on returning to competition this year and wants to start with a new combat sport.

Aged 40, we have not seen Woodley compete since his short-notice rematch with Jake Paul, in which ‘The Chosen One’ was viciously knocked out in the sixth round. You’d have to go back to September of 2018 for Woodley’s last win, but still the former 170lber plans on making a return to combat sports.

Talking to The MMA Hour, Woodley suggested that he would like to test the waters of kickboxing, on account of his kicking power.

“I think I’m gonna fight in a kickboxing fight,” Woodley said. “Every time I kick somebody they hit the ground, why don’t I kick people more? ACLs torn, knocked Jake Shields down a couple of times, I even knocked ‘Wonderboy’ down when I kicked, broke my foot on Fatselum when I kicked him in the Kung Fu Panda belly. I kick hard, so why wouldn’t I think about that? I think that’s gonna gradually build me back up. I wanna wrap up the year with MMA.”

Tyron Woodley’s comeback

While Woodley’s time in high-level competition is undoubtedly over, the American has somewhat interjected himself into influencer boxing  scene, following his two fights with Paul. Woodley had recently been linked with a potential matchup with KSI, a fight which would likely see Woodley receive a sizeable payday.

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There is undoubtedly options for Woodley as his name still does hold some weight. This could also mean that Woodley does not have to take potentially dangerous fights, that could have health implications at this stage in his career.

Would you like to see Tyron Woodley in kickboxing?