Thor Bjornsson Plans to Keep Fighting After Win over Eddie Hall

Thor Bjornsson

Thor Bjornsson has shared his plans to continue boxing after an impressive win over Eddie Hall in ‘The Heaviest Boxing Match in History’ on Saturday in Dubai, UAE.

The Mountain” from Game of Thrones went head-to-head with fellow strongman Eddie Hall for six entertaining rounds that saw them both getting their shots in. Hall put his power on display with some heavy punches managing to knock down Thor once in the fight. His defense came up short against the technical abilities shown by Thor who scored three knockdowns against Hall.

Bjornsson won by unanimous decision scoring 57-54 on all judges’ scorecards. Thor was in high spirits following his performance in the bout and shared his plans to remain committed to boxing.

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In an interview with iFL TV, Bjornsson said, “It was a hell of a fight, in my opinion. I’m going to wait and see what the fans said, but in my opinion, it was a good fight. In my opinion. I got some heavy shots. He hits hard! Let’s be honest, he hits hard.”

“I understood his gameplan was to take me down. I needed to keep my left hand up, be careful of his right hook. And I did that. Once I understood my distance and his gameplan, it was my game.” (transcribed by MMA Mania)

The two World’s Strongest Man champions shared a moment of mutual respect inside the cage after the fight. It surprised many given the intense buildup to the fight that saw them both almost coming to blows as they spat on each other.

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Bjornsson was asked about the act of sportsmanship to which he said, “I congratulated him, I said Thank you very much. I said he fought well, which he did. And I told him he’s the only man that has ever dropped me in the ring, and I’m not going to go too deep into what he said but he said what I said.”

What did you make of Eddie Hall’s fight against Thor Bjornsson?

Thor Bjornsson came out the victor in a highly entertaining spectacle that may have over-delivered on people’s expectations going into the fight. While many celebrity match-ups especially those on the heavier side turn out to be a complete snooze fest, the pair of strongmen showcased a technical display of boxing.

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He highlighted his boxing technique with crisp combinations that dropped Hall multiple times. “The Mountain” is determined to keep training and improving following his biggest win in the boxing ring yet.

“I’m learning. I’m loving this journey and I’m still a beginner,” said Bjornsson before adding, “I would say I’m okay in the beginning, I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time. So who knows where I’ll be a year from now. How much can I improve a year from now?”

Who would you like to see Thor Bjornsson fight next?