These Fake Martial Arts Black Belts Get Exposed In The Worst Way

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These idiots thought it was cool to pretend to be black belts, until the real martial artists exposed them in front of everybody…

The sports world as we know it today is full of pretenders. People want to swim in the wake of true stars in all walks of life in fact, as we’ve seen many times recently. Fake marines, fake boxers, fake mixed martial artists even.

So what is the motivation behind this kind of fake honor? Likely low self esteem has something to do with it, but surely it must take a psychopath to lie and deceive everyone around them?

The subject of today’s article stays within the realms of martial arts, and specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The art is over 100 years old, but only really became established since the 1990’s, with the Gracie family being the most well known teacher’s.
Royce Gracie UFC champion MMA

The Brazilian family prides themselves on being the modern master of Jiu Jitsu, and their infamous ‘Gracie challenge’ saw the grapplers taking on any fighters or hopefuls that would take them on.

Eventually becoming the base for the early UFC model, BJJ is now a globally practised martial art. With the expansion comes pretenders though. Believe it or not, there are many gyms and dojos in America that are run by fake black belts and self proclaimed ‘masters.’

We have some pretty awesome footage of these fake martial arts teachers getting exposed in the worst way.

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