Hello MMA Fans!

My name is Bloodstain Lane. Most of you may know me from my MMA Blogs over at Team Takeover’s Youtube Channel. This  is my first article for LowKick.com… So I hope you enjoy it.

Bloodstain has been around and has seen a ton of celebrities in NYC, and I’m never one to get star struck. I been around Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Central Park, Walked past Lady Gaga in the Lower East Side and was literally 2 feet from Tom Cruise and Park Slope… and to be honest I didn’t give a f*ck…f*ck them. But I won’t lie this weekend I was star struck when I met two cult legendary MMA Icons: “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko and “The Neo Samurai” Genki Sudo. I met Genki at a Japanese Book store in Times Square and this guy just has an aura about him that’s inexplainable. I felt like a better person just meeting him. He doesn’t speak much English, but you can just tell what he’s thinking and feeling just by being around him. Truly unique and generous person. Not only is he’s a legendary MMA fighter and Philosopher, he’s also the leader of an awesome J-Pop group called “World Order”. I recommend everyone to check out their album.

Then on the next day I met the greatest fighter to ever walk this earth: Fedor Emelianenko. I was at the press conference for the M-1 Global Show in Atlantic City and I told him I would battle Dana White for him. He laughed and said “Thank You”. Truly awesome experience.  I then shook his hand and felt like it was being crushed in a vice. Fedor is the man I aspire to be: a simple mild mannered family man, who is very humble and spiritual. I met the baddest man to ever walk this earth. WOW…not too many people can say that.

-The rest of 2010 in MMA is going to suck for me, just a little bit because two of my favorite fighters and the most violent Brazilians in the world will be sidelined. COME BACK & GET WELL SOON…Wanderlei Silva & Mauricio Shogun Rua!!!

-Speaking of Shogun, There is now no doubt in my mind he would SLAUGHTER Anderson Silva if they ever met at 205. Shogun has even striking, better BJJ/Wrestling, a better chin and is just overall the better fighter. It would be similar to the 2nd Machida fight, in my opinion. This is also my personal dream fight. F*ck GSP vs Spider. GSP is way too undersized for Silva and both guys are just downright boring as of late

-Its a shame what’s going on with Aleksander Emelianenko. These guys had all the making of a champion, and in my opinion still the best hands I ever seen at HW.

-Hopefully Sergei Kharitonov can revive his career in Strikeforce and can once again become the body punching, hip tossing, GNP monster we all loved in Pride.

-Takanori Gomi is BACK…F*ck what you heard. He came in great shape and landed his trademark Gomi bomb, launched straight from Kanagawa, Japan. He sent Tyson “Chicken” Griffin into the dream realm along with Mr Sandman and Freddy Kreuger. When the KO happened I went so crazy the neighbors actually called the cops on me…WAR FIREBALL KID.

-A lot of people are giving me bullshit for supporting James Toney over Randy Couture. Let’s make one thing clear…I am a fan of ALL Combat Sports. Not just MMA. I’ve been a Toney fan for 20 years. So I’m riding with my boy. Besides, I would love to see the “White Billy Blanks” shit his pants after seeing Couture get knocked out.

-Melvin Manhoef needs a long break off.

-Marlon Sandro vs Mitchihiro Omigawa II may be fight of the year. Marlon Sandro has P4P heaviest hands in MMA, and Omigawa’s boxing is top of the food chain. I can’t wait for this one.

-Some Japanese MMA Fighters everyone should have their eye on: Katsunori Kikuno who is the real life Kenshiro from “Fist of the North Star”. His mummy stance along with his crescent kicks and pretty good TD defense and Ground game makes him one of the most exciting fighters in MMA today. The other guy is Wicky Akiyo…He fights like a mad monkey and is extremely explosive. I’m not saying these two will be champions but damn they are fun to watch and very excellent fighters.

-Anyone who misses that old Chute Boxe Style of aggression…Look no further then Maximo Blanco and Karl Ammousou.

-Rumor on the street NyQuil has just signed GSP to an exclusive contract. He is their new poster boy.

-Anderson “Charlotte’s Web” Silva has signed on for the remake of “Dirty Dancing”…He will assume Patrick Swayze’s role of course.

Greg Jackson is currently writing a book called “Greg Jackson’s Idiot’s Guide to putting the crowd to sleep but still being successful””

-Vadim Finklestein > Dana White…Yea I said it…f*ck your life.

-Sherdog is now known as Zuffadog

-Nippon Top Team(Aoki, Kitaoka, Imanari) shit’s all over American Top Team

-People need to stop chanting “USA” every time a Japanese fighter or any other foreign fighter fights! WWII ended almost 70 years ago…MMA is a global sport. It’s not the Olympics.

Chael Sonnen has won me over. He backed up his talk and is going to be a problem for anyone at 185.

PinkBerry is for pussies

Bloodstain Lane aka The Mel Gibson of MMA signing off. F*CK YOUR LIFE