Jason Sudeikis hosts the “Mellen Show” on this new SNL skit that pokes fun at ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor.

The skit introduces Conor McGregor by saying “Mellen welcomes heroic psychopaths like Conor McGregor and gets them to open up the only way men can, while holding golf clubs.” “Mellen” then goes on to ask McGregor why he punches random strangers and a fan from the crowd yells out that he can take McGregor. This causes him to storm into the crowd and fight the man.

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The skit mocks men for their “toxic masculinity” like hobbies and things they pay attention to. For instance, it brings up Barstool Sports and even UFC commentator and comedian, Joe Rogan. The skit compared Joe Rogan to the “Ancient Aliens guy”, by saying it may just be Rogan in a wig.

McGregor has been in the news lately for his most recent incident, an assault on an Italian DJ. He was partying in a club with the DJ, Francesco Facchinetti when McGregor out of the blue popped Facchinetti in the face. Facchinetti is pressing charges on McGregor.

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Facchinetti isn’t the only person McGregor has punched outside of the octagon. A few years ago, ‘The Notorious’ punched an old man in a bar for refusing to take a drink of his ‘Proper No.12’ whiskey. In more recent news, McGregor also went after the pop star Machine Gun Kelly on the VMAs red carpet.

McGregor is known for his short Irish fuse that he has and not really thinking before he acts on his emotions outside of the octagon. McGregor is currently nursing a broken leg, but is looking to get back into the octagon soon. He has been going back and forth with both Tony Ferguson and Nate Diaz as of late.

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Did you find the SNL Conor McGregor skit funny?

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