Sean Strickland targets Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy and his dog, Miss Peaches, for no apparent reason

Sean Strickland targets Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy and his dog, Miss Peaches, for no apparent reason

Sean Strickland is running out of things to tweet about.

Over the last couple of years, the former UFC middleweight champion has become best known for his wild hot takes on a variety of topics that range from mildly humours to downright vile. Seemingly nothing was off limits as Strickland went on homophobic rants, expressed his disdain for those who don’t agree with his far-right political beliefs, and even suggested that we turn the clocks back more than 100 years and disallow women from voting.

Sean Strickland

It must have been a slow week for Strickland, as the 33-year-old fighter decided to take aim at Miss Peaches — the dog owned by Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy.

“My girl watches the tiktok sadly, she keeps showing me Miss peaches, the barstool sports guys dog,” Strickland wrote on X. “And I asked my girl “does this man have kids” no Let me tell you all something if you’re a grown ass childless man obsessed about a dog you gotta rethink your life.. rich or poor.”

Sean Strickland on X

Sean Strickland Apologizes before promptly doubling down on his initial statement

Many commenters quickly came to Portnoy’s defense and expressed love for their own pets, which prompted Strickland to back down and apologize — before promptly insulting male dog owners once again.

“OK I went too far.. I’m sorry.. Your dogs are your kids,” Strickland added in a follow-up post. “I know.. I know As a man who loves his country I just see the sickness that has infected us The men before us built a nation, fought world wars, had pride, God. What do we have now? Boys with dog children.”

Sean Strickland on X

Of course, if Portnoy were instead showing affection to an inanimate object, like an AK-47, Strickland likely wouldn’t have taken issue.

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Sean Strickland showers with AK-47