Sean Strickland fires back at Joe Rogan over his controversial sparring session with Sneako

Sean Strickland slams Joe Rogan over Sneako sparring session

Sean Strickland snapped back at Joe Rogan after the longtime UFC commentator criticized his viral sparring session with a well-known streamer.

Ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, footage of Strickland putting an absolute beating on Sneako — a popular content creator on Rumble — emerged online. The clip was immediately met with a mixed reaction. Some laughed. Some dubbed Sean Strickland a bully. In the case of Joe Rogan, the popular podcaster insisted that it was not a good look for Strickland, a former middleweight world champion, to take liberties with an untrained kid half his size.

“He beat up that kid who’s smaller than him,” Rogan said during an episode of JRE. “A streamer named Sneako, which is not a good look. He beat the sh*t out of that guy. I just don’t know why he wanted to do that. It’s so easy for him to beat that guy up. It’s not fair.”

Rogan’s reaction prompted Strickland to issue a fiery video response on Instagram.

“I didnt pick a fight, he wanted it,” Strickland wrote in the caption. “They don’t get it…. Everyone liked the video. These people spend more money than you make in a year on drs and injections just trying to live forever… They’re so out of touch… It bothers them that I interact with you guys in the world… You hear these people talk about trying to live forever and you start thinking maybe lizard people are real…… I can go on forever why they don’t understand and never will…”

Sean Strickland wasn’t the only one to put a beating on Sneako

Whether or not you feel Strickland was a little too rough on Sneako, it’s clear that the kid didn’t learn his lesson. Days later, he was spotted online getting his ass handed to him by No. 1 ranked bantamweight contender Merab Dvalishvili.