Video – Ex-UFC champion Sean Strickland taps out random fan on the ski slopes: ‘Stop challenging me’

Sean Strickland

Sean Strickland is once again choking people out on top of a mountain.

It appears as though the former UFC middleweight world champion has found a new hobby, combining his love of snowboarding and his career as a mixed martial artist into a new extreme sport. While we try to come up with a clever name, enjoy a clip of Strickland mixing it up with yet another fan while out on the ski slopes.

“Always a good time on the mountain!!!!” Strickland wrote on Instagram. “Yall need to stop challenging me lmao!!!!!”

“All right dawg, let’s f*cking go … til you quit, motherf*cker!” Strickland declares before mocking his opponent’s stance and slapping him upside the head. “You trying to s*ck me off or something?”

Instead of attempting to strike with Strickland, the unidentified individual immediately shoots in for a takedown. Strickland easily stuffs the attempt before working his to the man’s back and cinching in a face crank, forcing the tap out.

Sean Strickland is making a habit out of fighting people in the snow

If the scene looks familiar, that’s probably because ‘Tarzan’ made headlines for doing the exact same thing with another person roughly two weeks ago. In that clip — which you can see here — Strickland is briefly taken down before regaining control of the situation and similarly submitting his would-be challenger.

“Well @boderayy you’re a way better snow boarder than me but you’re a way worse wrestler,” he wrote in the caption. “Man was trying to fight me all weekend lol!! Respect.”

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