Video: UFC champ Sean O’Malley got so high, Bryce Mitchell’s flat Earth theory started to make sense

Sean O'Malley

‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley got so high that Bryce Mitchell’s ridiculous flat Earth theory started to make sense.

Mitchell’s over-the-top claims about gravity and the Earth being flat are certainly no secret, but the Arkansas-born featherweight has been making headlines after calling for a debate on the subject with the UFC’s reigning bantamweight world champion, Sean O’Malley.

“Here’s my business proposal for ya. Have me on your podcast – I’ll tell ya how the Earth is flat, and I’ll tell ya all the proof of it,” Mitchell said in a video. “And you won’t be able to beat me in an actual argument, like a debate with facts. ‘Cause I’ve done a lot of research, and my attempt is to persuade you and get you closer to Jesus.”

O’Malley is yet to accept the offer, but it appears that ‘Sugar’ inadvertently found out just how high one has to get for Bryce Mitchell’s conspiracy theories to start making some sense.

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“Hey brother, I’ve been thinking,” O’Malley said in a video posted on X. “I think you’re onto something about that flat Earth.”

Will Sean O’Malley Accept Bryce Mitchell’s Offer?

Clearly, Sean O’Malley is baked like a cake in the short, but amusing clip. The real question is, what kind of good-good was ‘Sugar’ on, and more importantly, where can we all get some of it?

Bryce Mitchell scored his seventh win inside the Octagon on September 23 earning a unanimous decision victory over Dan Ige. Despite landing the biggest W of his career thus far, much of the attention was focused on Mitchell’s pre-fight and post-fight antics. Moments before their scrap, ‘Thug Nasty’ brought a bible into the Octagon, raised it above his head, and yelled “Freedom” as if he had just finished watching Braveheart on Netflix.

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Following the victory, Mitchell suggested that the horrific wildfires in Maui were manmade and tried to get his opponent to lead everyone in a group prayer before being cut off by Michael Bisping.