Michael Bisping under fire for cutting Bryce Mitchell’s prayer short at UFC Vegas 79: ‘That stage belonged to him’

Michael Bisping Bryce Mitchell Dan Ige

The beloved UK legend Michael Bisping has been faced with a lot of criticism after UFC Vegas 79 for cutting Bryce Mitchell’s octagon interview short after ‘Thug Nasty’ launched into prayer.

The fight between Mitchell and Dan Ige had been a grimy one. In classic fashion, Mitchell looked to grind his opponent out and found a moderate bit of success with that strategy. Ige impressed by exercising some excellent takedown and grappling defense, but at the end of the day, it wouldn’t quite be enough. Mitchell scored five takedowns out of the 15 he attempted, and also racked up over seven minutes of control time on his way to a decision victory over ’50k’ Ige.

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After the fight, things quickly got a little weird. It wasn’t just because Mitchell was holding a bible and trying to preach the word of god, but more so: it was the way he went about it. ‘Thug Nasty’ claimed Satan was taking over the world, and also that the fires in Hawaii were not natural. He also went as far as to say that “they” were trying to take the island away from the natives. Although, Mitchell didn’t really name who “they” were.

Michael Bisping cuts the insane ranting of Bryce Mitchell short and gets blasted for it on social media

Michael Bisping seemed rather uncomfortable when the topic turned to “they” trying to take Hawaii away from the natives, and even though Bryce Mitchell requested Dan Ige lead the world into a quick prayer, Bisping ended the interview as tactfully as he could and made for a quick exit.

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Some fans thought this was extremely rude, and that Bisping should have stayed and let Ige lead the world in a quick prayer. However, many fans also forget that the decision was not entirely Michael Bisping’s alone. It is well known that commentators wear earpieces and receive feedback live from the producer. If Bisping was ordered by the producer of the show to end the interview, he could’ve landed in some hot water for refusing to follow that order.

Still, a good bit of religious fans still seem pretty upset about the situation. UFC: After Bryce Mitchell won his match tonight, he asked ringside announcer and broadcaster Michael Bisping to allow his opponent to lead in prayer. Bisping refused and walked away,” said one fan.

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“Bisping is an absolute #b*tch for that!” Another fan wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “That stage belonged to the victor @ThugnastyMMA to share his voice on WHATEVER HE WANTED. Bisping DENIED Bryce an opportunity for prayer. Guarantee he wouldn’t have dared had it been ANY other religion. #f*ckyoubisping”

Do you think the hate Michael Bisping is receiving is fair?