Sean O’Malley reveals recent home security scare after UFC 299 title fight win: ‘I was ready to kill’

Sean O'Malley Home Scare Pistol Loaded AR

Like anybody, Sean O’Malley doesn’t play games when it comes to his family’s security. This is evident by his reaction to a recent home security scare that was a little too close for comfort.

Speaking on the TimboSugarShow podcast, O’Malley gave viewers a breakdown of the events that led to his dramatic response. ‘Suga’ would even go as far as citing a recent incident that may be to blame for him responding in such a way, and it honestly does explain why O’Malley would be on such high alert.

Sean O'Malley claims he has information that would ruin family man Marlon Vera UFC
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“I was walking around my property a couple of nights ago because I saw this car outside,” O’Malley began (H/T MMA Fighting). “Walking around with my pistol loaded, ready. I was in a mindset—My family was at my house. It’s not a game. I don’t know if someone’s trying to give me something.”

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“Chito’s house got broken into. I don’t want someone trying to steal my s***. They think, ‘Oh, he’s rich, he’s got money, he’s got s***.’ I will f******—You get in a mindset. Someone’s like, ‘I’m ready to die.’ I’m ready to kill. So I was just walking around out there with my AR, I’m walking around with my pistol.”

Sean O’Malley opens up about the struggle for his life to remain private

Sean O’Malley’s life couldn’t seem to be heading in any better direction. There has been a lot of scrutiny of the ‘Suga Show’ hype train, but O’Malley has proven himself at every hurdle and even rectified his only MMA loss with his recent victory over Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera in their rematch at UFC 299. Yet, according to’ Suga’, the glory comes at a price, and it is definitely starting to get under his skin.

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“People keep finding my f****** house,” Sean O’Malley huffed. “It’s f****** annoying. I want to put a sign way out there on the road that says: ‘If you pass this line, you could be shot.’ Something. And it’s fans. They like me, that doesn’t mean you can f****** come to my house. Don’t come to my house even if you like me and you want to give me a gift, don’t come to my f****** house.”

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“I had security come put crazy security cameras in, motions, light, all that,” O’Malley continued. “Just high-end s***, s*** was f****** expensive. Worth it.”

‘Suga’ even mentioned a time when a crazy fan drove to his house, parked, and then proceeded to walk up to his front door (all while wearing a “Bane mask” from the Batman movies).

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What are your thoughts about Sean O’Malley and his privacy concerns, and what do you recommend he do about it?