Sean O’Malley shuts down Ryan Garcia fight, eyes showdown with Floyd Mayweather: ‘He’s still kicking’

Sean O'Malley eyes boxing match with Floyd Mayweather after UFC 299 win he's still kicking

UFC bantamweight champion, Sean O’Malley continues to show interest in boxing, this time targeting Floyd Mayweather.

O’Malley is fresh off a phenomenal performance against Marlon Vera, dominating the entire 25-minute fight. After his first successful title reign, ‘Suga’ has never been a bigger name, the fights he can be involved in will only get bigger should he continue down this path. 

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O’Malley does not seem the keenest on setting a title defence record, however, calling out featherweight champion Ilia Topuria during his post-fight speech. O’Malley has also continued to call out high-level boxers in podcast and media appearances, claiming he could beat the likes of Ryan Garcia should the two square off. 

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The 29-year-old spoke on The MMA Hour regarding Garcia, who had mentioned the idea of transitioning to MMA. Garcia has also been posting bizarre videos and messages to social media over the past couple of weeks, it is unclear what exactly is going on with him.

“Again, I think mentally that kid isn’t where he needs to be.” Sean O’Malley began. “We’ll see how he looks against Devin Haney and go from there. I think that an MMA fight is so unrealistic, there’s a zero per cent chance he would ever even make it to that fight. It would take one MMA session, one wrestling day, one jiu-jitsu with anyone who knows anything for him to realize this is a bad idea.”

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Sean O’Malley name drops Floyd Mayweather

O’Malley would then suggest the idea of boxing Mayweather, who has continued to do regular exhibition contests up until June of last year.

“If anything happened it would be boxing I mean, I don’t even know if I want to build up with that kind of fight given where his head is now,” O’Malley continued. “You know, just because it would be massive. It might not be it, but there’s still big fights up there still. Floyd’s still kicking, Floyd’s still running around in the boxing room.”

Floyd Mayweather

“I keep doing what I’m doing, I might just skip Ryan. I might just skip Gervonta [Davis].” Sean O’Malley concluded on The MMA Hour. “Go straight for the big dog.”

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Who wins right now in boxing, Sean O’Malley or Floyd Mayweather?