Widely considered to be the biggest possible fight in women’s mixed martial arts (MMA), the talks of a potential super fight between reigning UFC bantamweight queen “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey and Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino never seem to fade away, but they always increase when either of the ladies score yet another victory.

The latest victory was another brutal, and quick knockout for “Cyborg” at Invicta FC 14 last week, and she subsequently told Rousey to stop running after the win. However, the “Rowdy” one sees it different, stating that she doesn’t even believe Justino is gunning for her:

“Really, I don’t see her coming for me,” Rousey said at a media day scrum for UFC 189 on Thursday (via MMAFighting). “That invitation’s been open for awhile.”

Just as “Cyborg” has been dominating, so has Rousey as she continues to knock off so called contenders in mere minutes, leaving many to believe that Justino is Rousey’s only threat, but of course the weight discrepancy continues to be the issue.

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“Cyborg” is not only a featherweight, but a huge featherweight, and although she has expressed her interest in cutting down to bantamweight to meet Rousey, it’s unclear if that can be done safely. The idea of a catch weight bout has been thrown around, but the “Rowdy” one refuses to move up, due to “Cyborg’s” previous history with performance-enhancing-drugs (PEDs).

Continuing on, Rousey said that she will not chase the Brazilian, taking yet another shot at “Cyborg’s” history:

“It’s entirely up to her,” Rousey said. “I’m not going to go chase her around. She’s not entitled to have me chase her around. She’s the fraud that got defamed, and if you can make 145 pumped full of steroids, you can get off of it and drop.”

Despite the fact that Rousey won’t move up leading many to believe that she is ducking Justino, she assures us that she is not. The “Rowdy” one said that she would love to face the Brazilian, and she has a vision that her last fight will feature her “beating the crap” out of “Cyborg”.

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However, if the fight never happens, it wouldn’t phase Rousey either:

“I hope I do (get to fight Cyborg),” Rousey said. “”I have this idea in my mind that my final fight would be just beating the crap out of Cris Cyborg and then when Dana puts the belt on me one last time, I could take it off and give it back to him.”

“But if she doesn’t step up, I could move on and do other things in my life. She’s the one that’s going to fall into obscurity without me.”

From a monetary stand point, Rousey definitely doesn’t need this fight, as she has become one of the sport’s biggest stars, but it seems as if she is running out of contenders to face, or at least reputable contenders that could challenge her.

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From a fan’s stand point, this is a fight that needs to happen, but will it ever?

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